Supercharge your EStamp procurement process


One-Click Affixation

With SpotDraft's EStamping, you can affix stamps to your contract with just one click. It's that simple and hassle-free.

Secure EStamping

SpotDraft's EStamping ensures a secure and seamless EStamp procurement process. We procure stamps only from authorized vendors and assist in online verification. Your stamped contracts are completely authentic and tamper-proof.


Seamless Collaboration

You can combine our EStamping feature with SpotDraft's eSignature workflows for seamless collaboration with your team and counterparties, making the signing process much faster and more efficient.


Faster Contract Turnaround Time

Affix stamps quickly using SpotDraft's EStamping feature and reduce the time taken for stamping contracts. Get a stamp within 6 hours, and speed up the contract signing process.


Create Your Own Stamp Repository

You have the power to create and maintain your own stamp repository, easily upload your own stamps and leverage our one-click affix functionality to streamline your EStamp procurement process.


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Last updated on August 22, 2023