SpotDraft’s New Navigation

Learn about the actions you can take on the new navigation panel - organised better for your convenience

Spotdraft’s navigation has improved!

All your contract actions and shortcuts are now on the left, enabling you to instantly navigate across the app and perform tasks smoothly.

Simply hover on the icons on the left, and take a look at all the actions within.


Take an overview of all the icons below:


1. New

To create or upload new contracts to your SpotDraft repository, hover over the ‘New’ button and select a workflow.

Workflows are split into two sections, depending on your starting point:


Create Workflows:

  • Template Contracts: Create a standard form contract in minutes by filling in the contract details in the template questionnaire
  • Campaigns: Instantly send out similar contracts (eg. Employment Agreements) in bulk with personalised contract data to all your counterparts
  • Express Contract: Send out pre-filled and pre-signed contracts as a URL that automatically generates a document on SpotDraft every time your counterpart fills up their details.

Upload Workflows:

  • Submit for review: Upload a customer contract for internal reviews, negotiations, and finally eSignatures.
  • Request Signature: Upload a pre-approved customer contract to SpotDraft directly for eSigning.
  • Add Contract to Repository: Upload your signed historical contracts to SpotDraft and ensure your repository remains the single source of truth across contracts

2. Contract Repository

Navigate to your SpotDraft repository in one click from anywhere on the app. You can open all contracts, or just the ongoing ones (contracts shared with the counterparty for review/eSigning).


3. Manage

Create and manage your contract settings and contract attributes under two sections:


Contract Configuration:

  • Workflow Manager: Create end-to-end workflows to define your contracting processes for template, or third party contracts. To learn more, click here
  • Campaign Manager: A center to manage your bulk-contracting campaigns. Trigger, manage and edit all your campaigns easily.
  • Clickthrough Manager: Explore your Clickthrough Repository to update existing Clickthroughs, or create new ones in a few easy steps.
  • Contract Types: Create new contract types under which new contracts can be logged, or manage existing ones. You can migrate existing contract types to the Workflow Manager for a centralised process directory.

Contract Attributes:

  • Counterparties: Add new counterparties for your contracts, or edit existing ones.
  • Key Pointers: These are the metadata points that give you a highlight of all contracts. ‘General’ and ‘Lifecycle’ sections are added by default, and you can add and manage newer Key Pointer sections and the fields within them as needed for each contract type.
  • Clause Library: Add all your standard contract clauses with fallback language in one library. While editing contracts, you can easily insert these into the language.
  • Stamp Inventory: If you engage in business under Indian Law, SpotDraft can fulfil all your eStamping requirements in-app. Check your eStamp inventory here, and set up automated affixation processes.

4. Insights

Look through detailed data points that give you an insight of your contracting processes on SpotDraft.


5. Settings

Manage your workspace settings by:

  • Adding and managing business entities and team members
  • Access control across teams and contract types
  • Adding and managing integrations

6. Chat

Speak with our friendly support team and resolve any query you have or bugs you face instantly.


7. Just In

Get notified about all new feature releases and app improvements in this section. We will only showcase the features that are relevant for you, so you can derive the most value from every release.


8. In-app Help

Find all the resources you need to navigate across features on SpotDraft, along with troubleshooting solutions and FAQs.

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Last updated on September 4, 2023