Access Control Using Metadata

Automate access control for contracts using Metadata values


With this integration, you can invite internal teams to specific contracts using questionnaire values.

Collaboration across contracts becomes faster and reduces the number of steps involved.


Check out detailed feature descriptions below:

  1. Give contract access to a team from a template/intake form questionnaire
    1. You can invite a team to collaborate on a contract based on the selection in a template questionnaire on an intake form. The department/team selected will get invited to the contract.

  1. Invite multiple teams to a single contract
    1. You can map multiple teams to a single dropdown value in the questionnaire/intake form.

      For eg., if your finance department comprises an Account and Revenue team, you can just select finance as the dropdown value on the questionnaire or key pointer and both the teams will be invited to collaborate on the contract.
  1. Give required accesses across different contract types
    1. You can define different types of access control levels for different contract types. If NDAs require only viewing rights, whereas MSAs require edit rights as well, this can be easily configured.


Setup Guide

The setup process for the integration can be divided into three main parts.

The prerequisites

The prerequisites associated with the integration are as below:

  1. A template questionnaire containing all the department values should be added to the contract type for which the integration needs to be enabled.
  1. For customer contracts, an intake form should be set up with a questionnaire containing all the department values for the required contract type.
  1. Key Pointers should be set up with a questionnaire, containing all the department values. This needs to be done for the required contract types only.
  1. Mapping sheet of departments:
    1. You need a list of mappings to link the internal departments with the teams available on SpotDraft. A sample mapping sheet can be found here: Access Control Integration Mapping Sheet

  1. The Integration must be enabled for your workspace.
    1. You can check this by following these steps:

      • Login to your SpotDraft account.
      • Go to the settings page on your SpotDraft workspace.
      • Open the “Integrations” card.
      • Select the “Others” tab.
      • You will be able to see an integration card for “Access control using Key Pointers
In case you cannot follow beyond step (c) or you are unable to find the “Access control using Key Pointers” card in your integrations section please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or drop an email at requesting to enable the integration for your SpotDraft account.

Installation Steps

Follow these steps for installing the integration:


Verify your installation

To verify if your installation is successfully set up, please follow the steps below:

  1. Initiate a Template or a Third Party contract
  1. Select the desired department in the questionnaire
  1. Open the contract summary page and refresh
  1. Check the Activity Log - the selected team would have been invited to the contract
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Last updated on July 19, 2023