Airtable Integration

Create and manage SpotDraft contracts on Airtable

With Spotdraft’s integration, you can create contracts directly from Airtable and manage all your data in one place. Your signed contracts get added to Airtable, with active links to SpotDraft.


Here’s how you can create contracts on Airtable:


Step 1:

Fill out the pre-defined intake form with all required information on Airtable.


Step 2:

Click on the Submit button once the Intake Form is filled. This will generate a contract on Spotdraft instantly.

Ensure that the mandatory fields like ‘Counterparty Name’ & ‘Counterparty Email’ are filled out. Your SpotDraft contract cannot be generated without these.

Once your contract is executed, a record will be created in Airtable in the ‘Fully Executed Contracts’ table.

The fields populated are:

  1. Contract ID (Type - Single Line Text)
  1. Fully Executed Contract (Type - Attachment(s))

Setup Guide


The prerequisites


The integration between Airtable and SpotDraft works seamlessly when the below steps are followed/maintained:

  1. Before setting up, ensure that you are logged into Airtable with an admin account and necessary accesses.
  1. Counterparty Name & Counterparty Email fields on the Intake Form to be mandatory. Without this information, SpotDraft cannot create a Contract.
  1. If the Counterparty Type is Organisation, the Organisation Name & Organisation Type will be required on the Intake Form.
    1. 💡
      Organisation Type should be a value from one of the type options available from your SpotDraft workspace.
  1. ‘Fully Executed Contracts’ field is of the type “Attachments”
  1. ‘Contract ID’ field on the ‘Fully Executed Contracts’ table is of the type - “Single Line Text”.

Installation steps


Follow the below mentioned steps to setup your Airtable integration:

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Integrations and select Airtable.

Open the ‘Setup’ section and click on ‘Connect’ to sync your Airtable account with SpotDraft


Step 2:

Click on the dropdown and select ‘Add a new account’.

Add an authentication name for your Airtable account and click on Create.


Step 3:

You’ll be redirected to the Tray authentication page as shown below.

Click on the ‘Add a base’ button and select the base(s) you want to connect with SpotDraft.


Step 4:

After selecting the bases, click on the Grant Access button.

You will be redirected to the SpotDraft Authentication screen, here click on Next to complete authentication of Airtable with SpotDraft.


Configuration steps


Step 1:

Select the Template from SpotDraft & a Base from Airtable which you want to use in this integration and click Next.


Step 2:

On the next screen, configure the table to connect and fetch contract details and store the fully executed contracts.


Once the table details are filled, click on ‘Next’.


Step 3:

Map the Airtable and SpotDraft fields, select the corresponding fields here.

These fields will take the value filled from Airtable and populate on your Contract Details & Template Questionnaire fields on SpotDraft.

Once all the fields are mapped, click on Next.


Step 4:

For the Executed Contracts table, follow the same process as Step 3 and set the fields to populate in Airtable with the Contract ID & the pdf copy.

Once the fields are mapped, click on Next.

You will receive a Webhook URL on the next screen. Copy the URL and click on Finish.


Step 5:

Back on the Setup section for Airtable integration, click on ‘Connect’


Step 6:

The final step is to paste the copied webhook URL on your Airtable automations page as shown on screenshot below:


Verify your installation


Once the installation and configuration are done, follow the below steps to verify your setup:

Step 1:

Fill and submit the configured intake form with test details on Airtable.


Step 2:

Hop on to SpotDraft and check if the contract with the correct details from the intake form has been created.

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Last updated on September 19, 2023