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This article provides a comprehensive guide on integrating SpotDraft with Greenhouse, enabling seamless contract generation using candidate data from the HR platform.

🛠️ Integrating SpotDraft with Greenhouse

Use Greenhouse data to generate contracts on SpotDraft instantly

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🚀 Introduction

Revolutionize your HR contracting process with SpotDraft’s integration with Greenhouse, the leading HR platform. This integration is specially designed for recruitment teams, streamlining the creation of offer letters and contracts during the crucial hiring stages. When a candidate reaches the 'Offer' stage in Greenhouse, their details can be seamlessly fetched into SpotDraft, allowing for efficient and automated contract creation.

Key Features of the SpotDraft-Greenhouse Integration:

  • Streamlined Contract Creation: Initiate contracts directly in SpotDraft using candidate data from Greenhouse when they reach the 'Offer' stage. This integration facilitates a smooth transition from candidate selection to contract generation.
  • Automated Data Fetching: Eliminate manual data entry by automatically pulling candidate details and offer letter information from Greenhouse into your SpotDraft contract templates.
  • Efficient eSigning Process: Prepare and send contracts for eSigning within minutes on SpotDraft, ensuring a quick and seamless execution process.
  • Real-Time Contract Generation and Preview: Generate contracts in real-time with a preview feature, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your HR documentation.
  • Benefits Realized by HR Teams:
    • Easy search and retrieval of the latest Greenhouse offer records.
    • Pre-populated eSigning fields tailored for each candidate.
    • Use of standard multi-party templates for a uniform and professional approach to contract creation.

This integration represents a significant leap forward in HR and contract management, offering a one-way data flow from Greenhouse to SpotDraft. It ensures that your HR team can focus more on strategic tasks rather than administrative work, boosting productivity and enhancing the candidate experience.

📝 Prerequisites

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

Greenhouse API Key

1 - Login to your Greenhouse workspace and navigate to ConfigureDev CenterAPI Credentials.

2 - Click Create new API key

3 - Select Harvest as the API type.

4 - Select ‘Custom’ as the Partner.

5 - Enter a ‘Descriptione.g. ‘SpotDraft Contract Creation’.

6 - Click Manage permission.

7 - Copy and paste the ‘API key’ to a document as you will need it when configuring the automation in SpotDraft.

8 - Click I have stored the API key.

9 - Mark ‘Select All’ to provision all permissions.

10 - Click Save

Note. The API will now have an ‘Active’ Status.
Note. It’s now time to add the API to SpotDraft.

SpotDraft configuration

1 - Login to your SpotDraft workspace and navigate to SettingsIntegrations.

2 - Open the HRMS section and select Greenhouse.

3 - Open the Setup section and click Add Integration.

1. SpotDraft Authentication

Note. Ensure you’re also signed into Greenhouse in the same browser.

1.1 - Click New authentication.


1.2 - Paste the Greenhouse API key.

1.3 - Click Create.

Note. A ‘success message’ will appear on SpotDraft confirming authentication between SpotDraft & Greenhouse is complete.

1.4 - Click Next.

2. Template configuration

2.1 - Select Offer Letter as the template.

2.2 - Click Next

3. Record Snapshot Mapping

3.1 - Select ‘’ as the Greenhouse Field.

3.2 - Select ‘Job title’ as the Label.

4. Map SpotDraft fields with Greenhouse fields

The mapping sheet will detail all of the Contract Template’s questions and have them mapped to Greenhouse fields.

Tip: If the mapping sheet was created some time ago, it’s a good idea to review it and ensure it’s still accurate.


4.1 - Click Add a new mapping such that all ‘SpotDraft Fields’.

4.2 - Select the corresponding Greenhouse fields for each mapping row based on the mapping sheet.

4.3 - Click Next.

5. Customize Solution Details

5.1 - Enter the Name & Description.

5.2 - Click Next.

6. After finalizing the wizard by clicking Finish, you will be directed back to the Integration page. A confirmation message stating 'Installed Successfully' will appear.

6.1 - To complete the process, simply click the Connect button.

Congratulations. You can now Create Contracts in SpotDraft automatically pulling in Greenhouse data!

✅ Verification

1. Greenhouse Candidates

1.1 - Ensure you have candidates in the ‘Offer’ stage in Greenhouse.

Note. The candidates must have an email address.

2. Initiate Template Contract Creation:

2.1 - Navigate to SpotDraft and hit ‘New’ from the side menu, select Template Contract and select the ‘Offer Letter’ template.

3. Fetch Contract Information:

3.1 - On the right side menu within the contract template, locate the Fetch contract information feature.

3.2 - Click the Select From External Source button to open the list of Candidates in the Offer stage on Greenhouse.

4. Select the Source

Note. This page is only displayed if you have used SpotDraft’s other integrations.

4.1 - Select Greenhouse.

4.2 - Click Next

5. Select a Candidate

5.1 - Search for and select the desired Candidate from the list.

5.2 - Click Next.

6. Review and Fetch Contract Details:

6.1 - Examine the contract details displayed, including any additional fields you configured to be visible during the integration setup.

6.2 - Ensure that all relevant Greenhouse data appears correctly in the designated fields.

6.3 - Click the Fetch Contract Information button to create the contract record in SpotDraft.

The system will automatically pull in all the mapped data from Greenhouse into the SpotDraft contract.

7. Manage the Contract as usual in SpotDraft.

Congratulations. The Integration has been successfully verified. You can now use it to create contracts in SpotDraft automatically pulling in Greenhouse data!

💬 FAQs

Will the integration push updated information back to Greenhouse?

No, the current integration is designed for a one-way data flow, which means it only supports pulling records from Greenhouse into SpotDraft. Any updates in SpotDraft will not be reflected back in Greenhouse.

Which areas can I pull information from in Greenhouse for use in SpotDraft?

You can extract data from various Greenhouse fields related to the Candidate, Offer, and Requisition. This includes personal candidate information, job offer details, and requisition specifics necessary for creating offer letters in SpotDraft.

How frequently does SpotDraft sync with Greenhouse?

Whenever a candidate reaches the 'Offer' stage in Greenhouse, their information becomes available for pulling into SpotDraft.

How secure is the data transfer from Greenhouse to SpotDraft?

Data security is a top priority for both SpotDraft and Greenhouse. The integration ensures secure data transfer, adhering to stringent data protection and privacy standards to safeguard sensitive information.

Can I pull information for multiple candidates at once?

No, the integration allows pulling information for individual candidates as they reach the 'Offer Letter' stage.

What happens if there is a mismatch or error in the data pulled from Greenhouse?

In case of any data mismatches or errors, it is recommended to manually verify the information in both Greenhouse and SpotDraft. Ensuring data accuracy in Greenhouse will typically resolve such issues in SpotDraft.

🏁 Conclusion

As you integrate SpotDraft with Greenhouse, you are embarking on a journey towards more efficient and streamlined HR processes. This integration transforms how your HR team manages contract creation by automating the flow of data from Greenhouse to SpotDraft. The ease of generating offer letters, with key candidate details seamlessly transferred into SpotDraft, not only speeds up the recruitment cycle but also minimizes manual errors. This leaves your team free to focus on strategic recruitment efforts and enhanced candidate engagement.

Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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