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Send SpotDraft contracts for eSigning via Dropbox Sign

In this Article: You'll discover a comprehensive guide for integrating SpotDraft, with Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign). The integration aims to streamline the contract execution process by seamlessly combining SpotDraft's contract management capabilities with the e-signing functionality of Dropbox Sign.

🛠️ Integrating SpotDraft with Dropbox Sign

Send SpotDraft contracts for approvals and eSigning via Dropbox Sign for a seamless contracting experience.


🚀 Introduction

Introducing SpotDraft’s integration with Dropbox Sign (formerly HelloSign), a sophisticated solution designed to revolutionize your contract eSigning process. This integration seamlessly combines SpotDraft's robust contract management capabilities with the ease and convenience of Dropbox Sign, streamlining the eSignature process without the need to switch between applications.

This integration is tailored to make your contract execution experience as effortless as possible, bringing the full functionality of Dropbox Sign directly into the SpotDraft platform. It's more than just a tool; it’s a gateway to enhanced productivity and efficiency in managing and executing contracts.

Key Features of the Integration:

  • Effortless eSigning with Dropbox Sign: Send any template contract from SpotDraft for eSignature via Dropbox Sign. When a contract is marked for execution, it automatically creates a Dropbox Sign envelope with all recipients and signature fields pre-populated.
  • Real-time Sync with SpotDraft: Stay updated with every action taken by recipients on the Dropbox Sign envelope. This integration ensures SpotDraft's activity log captures every interaction, keeping your contract repository continuously updated.
  • Streamlined Contract Uploads for Signing: Upload third-party contracts to SpotDraft and use the embedded Dropbox Sign functionality to edit, set up recipients, signature fields, and send them out for eSignature collection, all within the same interface.
  • Customizable Signing Order: Set the signing order of recipients in SpotDraft, and this order will be automatically applied in Dropbox Sign, streamlining the signing process and maintaining the desired sequence.
  • Contract Type-Specific Signing Methods: Tailor the eSigning process to fit your needs by choosing which contract types on SpotDraft should be sent for signatures via Dropbox Sign. This feature allows for a flexible, customized approach to contract execution.

Embark on a journey of seamless contract management with SpotDraft and Dropbox Sign. This guide will walk you through the integration setup, enabling you to fully harness these features for a simplified, efficient, and effective contract execution process.

📝 Prerequisites

Before installing the Dropbox Sign integration:

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

Install SpotDraft’s Dropbox Sign Integration

1. Create the SpotDraft Integration as a new API in Dropbox Sign

1.1 - Log in to Dropbox Sign and click API in the side menu.

1.2 - Click Generate key.


1.3 - Enter a name such as ‘SpotDraft Integration Key’.

1.4 - Click Generate key.


1.5 - Enter the DropBox Sign webhook into the Account callback field.

Note. You will have obtained this from your SpotDraft representative during the prerequisites.

1.6 - Click Save. (“Your preferences have been updated” will briefly appear at the top of the screen)


1.7 - Click Test. (You should see a ‘Success message’.)


1.8 - Click Create app (you may need to scroll over to the right of the page)


1.9 - Enter “SpotDraft Integration” and “spotdraft.com” into the ‘General information’ fields.

1.10 - Enter the DropBox Sign webhook into the Event callback field.

Note. You will have obtained this from your SpotDraft representative during the prerequisites.

1.11 - Click Test. (You should see a ‘Success message’.)


1.12 - Click Create Application (at the bottom of the page).


1.13 - In the Pop-up, click Test (You should see a ‘Success message’.)

Note. There is an approval process at Dropbox Sign, so you may not be able to use the integration for 48 hrs.

2. Complete the Integration by copying and pasting information from Dropbox Sign to SpotDraft

Note. This will be simplest if you have DropBox Sign and SpotDraft open at the same time in side-by-side windows.

2.1 - Login to your SpotDraft workspace and navigate to SettingsIntegrations.


2.2 - Open the E-Signature section and select Dropbox Sign


2.3 - Open the Setup section and click Configure.


2.4 - Copy the Client ID from Dropbox Sign and paste it to the Client ID in SpotDraft.

2.5 - Copy the  API Key from Dropbox Sign and paste it to the API Key  in SpotDraft.

2.6 - Click Connect in SpotDraft.


2.7 - You’ll receive a Connected Success message and you can close the Integration in both Spot Draft and Dropbox Sign.

Set Dropbox sign as the default eSigning service

1 - Login to your SpotDraft workspace and navigate to ManageContract Types.

2 - Select a Contract Type e.g. CPQ

3 - Select Signatories from the top menu.

4 - Click on the Entity .

5 - Click Edit to change the Default eSignature Service.

6 - Select Dropbox Sign from the dropdown.

7 - Click Save.

Note. Repeat the steps for each Contract Type.
Congratulations. The integration is now complete and you can use Dropbox Sign as your e-Sign solution in SpotDraft.

✅ Verification

1 - Create a test Contract whose Contract Type is set to one using Dropbox Sign as its default.

2 - Progress the Contract to the Signing stage and click Prepare For Signature.

Note. By adding a contract to SpotDraft using the ‘Send for Signature’ option, the contract will be in the stage ‘Signing’.

3 - Ensure the eSignature Service is ‘Dropbox Sign’.

4 - Click Add Recipient.

5 - Add the recipient for the ‘Creator Party’. Click Save And Add Another to enter the ‘Counterparty’.

6 - Click Save And Close.

7 - Set the Signing order if required by turning on the feature and dragging and dropping each signer in the correct order.

8 - Click Assign Fields.

9 - Select the Signatory e.g. Creator Party and assign the fields by dragging and dropping them onto the document. Change the Signatory to the Counterparty and repeat.

10 - Click Review & Send

11 - Perform a final check and when ready, click Send For Signing.

Congratulations. You have successfully verified the Dropbox Sign integration and it’s ready for use.

💬 FAQs

Is SpotDraft’s 'Express Templates' feature compatible with Dropbox Sign integration?

No, the 'Express Templates' feature is exclusively supported with SpotDraft’s eSigning service.

Can I use different eSign services like Adobe Sign, Dropbox Sign, and DocuSign with SpotDraft?

Yes, SpotDraft supports integration with major eSign services including Adobe Sign, Dropbox Sign, and DocuSign. You have the flexibility to switch between these services to meet your eSigning needs. However, it's important to note that only one eSign service can be active at any time. To switch services, you need to update the integration settings within SpotDraft. Note. When you enable a new eSign integration (e.g., switching from Dropbox Sign to DocuSign), the previously active service (in this case, Dropbox Sign) will be automatically disabled. This ensures that your eSigning process remains streamlined and consistent within the platform, using the most recently activated eSign service.

Can I track the status of documents sent for eSignature in real time?

Yes, the SpotDraft Activity Log enables you to track the status of documents sent for eSignature in real-time, providing visibility into every action performed on the Dropbox Sign envelope.

🏁 Conclusion

With the SpotDraft-Dropbox Sign integration, you are set to experience a transformative approach to contract management. This integration not only streamlines the eSigning process but also brings a new level of efficiency and accuracy to your contracting workflows. You can now enjoy the convenience of automated template filling, real-time contract status updates, and a centralized system for all your contractual needs.

Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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