Envoy Integration

Auto-upload your executed contracts to SpotDraft with the Envoy Integration


When you Sign a contract on Envoy as a visitor or using the workspace, the executed document gets auto-uploaded to your SpotDraft repository.


Maintain a single source of truth with this integration, when you push the following contract details to SpotDraft along with the contract:

  • Agreement name
  • Visitor ID
  • Legal Document ID
  • Visitor Flow Name
  • Organization Entity

Setup Guide

This section highlights all the steps you can take to install and configure the integration from scratch.

The prerequisites

  • Envoy and SpotDraft accounts
  • For each location on Envoy there should be a corresponding Entity available on SpotDraft

Installation steps

Start by installing the “Envoy Integration” on SpotDraft.


Step 1:

Navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Discover Integrations -> Click on 'Add' button on Envoy -> Upload Executed Contracts on SpotDraft Card


Step 2:

Authenticate with SpotDraft and Envoy

Note: While authenticating with SpotDraft, ensure that the user-email, client-id and client-secret is provided in accordance with your SpotDraft workspace.
SpotDraft team will provide the client-id, client-secret, username and Base API Url specific to your workspace

Step 3:

Select the Contract type from the dropdown →This contract type will be used for executed contracts pushed from Envoy to SpotDraft


Step 4:

Map the Envoy Locations with SpotDraft Entities


Step 5:

Copy the URL at the end of the screen and paste it the Envoy Webhook App in the Webhook URL Section


Configuration steps

  1. Set up the Webhook on Envoy
  1. Complete the Webhook App setup in Envoy for each location where the integration is to be used. Refer to this link
Note: The URL obtained on completing the integration setup on SpotDraft needs to be used here. Paste it in the webhook URL section of Envoy. Set the event type as 'Visitor-SignIn'.

Here is a video to help you with the webhook setup process:


Verify your installation

Once the integration has been successfully installed you can test the integration by allowing the dummy visitor to sign-in via Envoy and if that visitor signs an agreement while signing in on Envoy the agreement will get uploaded to SpotDraft.



Q. I have successfully installed the Envoy Integration but I don’t see the Executed agreement uploaded on Envoy?

A. Following reasons can cause this issue. Resolving them should help fix this.

  • Incorrect authentication while setting up the integration.
  • Webhook has not been setup on Envoy
  • Webhook is not set up for all the respective locations on Envoy for which the integration is active
  • Wrong webhook Url used in setting up the webhook on Envoy
  • Wrong Event assigned in webhook during set up

Q. Will the Key Pointer get updated on SpotDraft once the executed contract gets uploaded on SpotDraft?

A. The Envoy integration does not support Key Pointer updation. The executed contract with details like Agreement name, Visitor ID, Legal Doc ID, Visitor Flow Name and Organization Entity get pushed to SpotDraft.


Q. Will contracts executed on SpotDraft get uploaded to Envoy with this integration?

A. No, this integration only supports one-way flow of data i.e. from Envoy to SpotDraft.

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Last updated on July 19, 2023