Microsoft Sign-in Setup

A step-by-step guide to setup Microsoft Sign-in on your SpotDraft workspace

For any issues while signing in with Microsoft, refer to this document.

How does Microsoft Sign-in work?

If a user is part of your SpotDraft workspace and has an account linked to Microsoft Office, they can directly login to their workspace by clicking on the ‘Sign In With Microsoft’ button.

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This guarantees that your team can utilise their Microsoft account to log in to SpotDraft, without the need to maintain multiple credentials.


Customisations for Microsoft Sign-in

You require an Admin access to your SpotDraft workspace in order to perform these customisations

These are the customisations available for Microsoft Sign-in:

  • Restricting Microsoft Sign-in access to specific domains This allows Microsoft Sign-in to be accessible only by users with email addresses from the specified domains. If these users are not current members, a new account will be provisioned at the first login.
  • Disabling Microsoft Sign-in You can disable Microsoft Sign-in for your workspace. If other authentication methods are setup, users would be able to access the workspace.

Setup steps

Restricting Microsoft Sign-in access to specific domains


Step 1:

Login to your SpotDraft Account and navigate to ‘Settings’ → ‘Security and Identity’.

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Step 2:

Open the ‘Microsoft Sign-in’ card.

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Step 3:

Add the required domains that can access your SpotDraft workspace and click on ‘Save’.

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Disabling Microsoft Sign-in

  • Navigate to the ‘Authentication’ section under ‘Security and Identity’ (refer Step 2 above).
  • Click on the 3-dot kebab icon on the Microsoft Sign-in card press ‘Disable’.
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Last updated on December 26, 2023