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Stay on top of your tasks with real-time contract updates on MS Teams

The article provides a detailed guide on integrating SpotDraft with Microsoft Teams to enhance contract management efficiency. It outlines steps for installation, configuration, and verification of the integration. By integrating SpotDraft with MS Teams, users can receive real-time contract updates, targeted notifications, and access detailed contract information within their Teams environment, thus streamlining contract handling and fostering collaboration.

🛠️  Integrating SpotDraft with MS Teams

Stay on top of your tasks with real-time contract updates on MS Teams

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🚀 Introduction

Elevate your team’s contract management efficiency with SpotDraft’s integration with Microsoft Teams. This integration is specifically designed to revolutionize your contract handling by introducing streamlined notifications and collaborative features directly into your MS Teams environment. It's about making contract management more visible and collaborative across various teams within your organization.

With SpotDraft's MS Teams integration, your team can:

  • Stay Informed with Real-Time Notifications: Receive timely updates on critical contract stages — from inception to execution — right within MS Teams. This keeps everyone promptly informed about essential contract activities, such as requests for reviews or signatures, and updates on contract status.
  • Targeted Notifications for Efficient Collaboration: Direct these notifications to specific MS Teams channels, enhancing your team's ability to collaborate and respond swiftly to contract-related activities.
  • Detailed Contract Information at Your Fingertips: Each notification is packed with vital contract details including the contract name, the SpotDraft user who initiated it, the counterparty’s name, a direct link to the contract, and any relevant notes or tags for the signatory. This feature ensures quick access to contract information, facilitating faster decision-making and effective management.
  • Comprehensive Coverage for Various Contract Types: Whether it's a Template Contract, Third-Party Paper, Upload & Sign, or an Executed Contract, the integration ensures that you are notified about every significant development, ensuring complete oversight over all contract types.

This guide will provide you with the steps to seamlessly set up and maximize the benefits of the SpotDraft-MS Teams integration, enabling your team to accelerate contract closure and enhance operational efficiency

📝 Prerequisites

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

Installing the SpotDraft App on MS Teams

1. Installing the SpotDraft App

1.1 - Sign into MS Teams ensuring your account has permission to add new Apps.

1.2 - Select Apps from the left side menu and then Manage your apps.

1.3 - Click the More menu and select Upload an App


1.4 - Select ‘ Upload an app to your organisation’s app catalogue.

1.5 - Upload the package that you obtained during the prerequisites; of this guide.


1.6 - Click Add on both screens

2. Adding the SpotDraft App to your chosen MS Team

2.1 - Select Apps form the left side menu and search for SpotDraft.

2.2 - Click on the SpotDraft App and select Add to a team from the Open menu.


2.3 - Select the Team and Channel defined in the Prerequisites to receive SpotDrive Notifications.

2.4 - Click Set up a bot.

2.5 - Click OK.

Congratulations. SpotDraft’s MS Teams integration has been successfully added to your MS Teams organisation. It’s now time to complete the Setup in SpotDraft.

SpotDraft Setup

1 - Login to your SpotDraft workspace and navigate to ‘Settings’ → ‘Integrations’.

2 - Open the Communication section and select MS Teams

4 - Open the Setup section and click Connect.

5. SpotDraft Authentication

5.1 - Click Next.

Note. You can change the environment if you prefer to use ‘Staging’ initially.

6. MS Teams Authentication

Note. Ensure you’re also signed into MS Teams in the same browser.

6.1 - Click New authentication

6.2 - Name the authentication and click Create.

Note. A ‘success message’ will appear on SpotDraft confirming authentication between SpotDraft & MS Teams is complete.

6.3 - Select the Team defined in the Prerequisites to receive SpotDrive Notifications.

6.4 - Click Next.

7. Select the channel.

7.1 - Select the Channel defined in the Prerequisites to receive SpotDrive Notifications.

7.2 - Click Next.

8. Configurations

8.1 - Click Add a new mapping to choose the Contract Activities to be notified in MS Teams

8.2 - Choose which Contract Types should notify in MS Teams

8.3 - Click Finish

Note. After finalizing the wizard by hitting 'Finish,' you will be directed back to the Integration Setup page. A confirmation message stating 'Installed Successfully' will appear.

8.4 - To complete the process, simply click the Connect button.

🎉Congratulations. You’ll now be kept up to date on Contract activities directly in MS Teams!

✅ Verification

1 - Trigger one of the contract activities set in the configuration e.g. ‘Contract Created’. E.g. Upload a third party contract.

2 - Complete the form.

3 - Click Upload


4 - In MS Teams, navigate to the channel; that was set to receive SpotDraft notifications e.g. ‘ SpotDraft Notifications’.

5 - Check for a notification for the activity you triggered and click View Contract.


6 - Ensure the link opens the expected Contract in SpotDraft.

Congratulations. SpotDraft’s MS Teams integration has been successfully verified. You can stay informed on all contract matters simply from MS Teams!

💬 FAQs

Can a non-Admin MS Teams user authenticate this integration on SpotDraft?

No, setting up the integration requires administrative privileges on MS Teams. It must be performed by an MS Teams Admin to ensure proper authentication and configuration.

Are contract notifications customizable?

Yes, you have the flexibility to customize which types of contract notifications are sent to MS Teams. This customization allows you to tailor the integration to your team's specific requirements and manage notification frequency.

Can I respond to SpotDraft notifications directly from MS Teams?

While MS Teams notifications provide timely updates, direct actions such as approving, signing, or commenting on contracts need to be completed within the SpotDraft platform.

Is it possible to set up notifications for specific contracts or stages in MS Teams?

Yes, you can configure notifications to be specific to certain contract types or stages. This ensures that you receive updates pertinent to your role and responsibilities.

How secure is the SpotDraft-MS Teams integration?

The integration upholds stringent security standards to ensure that sensitive contract information is securely handled between SpotDraft and MS Teams. Regular security assessments and adherence to compliance standards are integral to maintaining this security.

Will the integration affect the performance of MS Teams or SpotDraft?

The integration is optimized for efficiency and is not expected to significantly impact the performance of either MS Teams or the SpotDraft platform.

🏁 Conclusion

With the SpotDraft-MS Teams integration successfully set up, your contract management is poised for a significant leap in efficiency and collaborative prowess. This integration revolutionizes the way your team engages with contracts, bringing real-time updates and streamlined communication directly into the MS Teams environment.

Witness a fluid transition of contract information into your daily workflow, where notifications, updates, and contract milestones are smoothly integrated within your MS Teams channels. This heightened visibility and instant access to contract statuses are not just time-efficient but also cultivate a cooperative atmosphere conducive to swift decision-making and prompt action.

👋 Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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