OneLogin Setup

A step-by-step guide to set up SAML SSO and SCIM-based user provisioning with OneLogin on SpotDraft

Adding the SpotDraft App in OneLogin


Step 1:

Login to your OneLogin account.


Step 2:

Go to the ‘Administration’ section.


Step 3:

Click on ’Applications’ from the top bar.


Step 4:

Click on ‘Add App’.


Step 5:

Search for SCIM and add SCIM Provisioner with SAML (SCIM v2 Core).


Step 6:

Update the name as “SpotDraft” and click on ‘Save’.


Step 7:

Click on ‘Configuration’ on the sidebar.


Step 8:

Update the SCIM Base URL and SCIM Bearer Token with the values generated on the Security and Identity section on SpotDraft.


Step 9:

Update the SCIM JSON Template with the following:

  "schemas": [



  "userName": "{$}",

  "externalId": "{$}",

  "title": "{$user.title}",

  "name": {

    "givenName": "{$user.firstname}",

    "familyName": "{$user.lastname}"



Step 11:

Click on ‘Enable’.


Step 12:

From the ‘Provisioning’ tab, enable provisioning and set approvals according to requirements:


Step 13:

Update Parameters as shown and click on ‘Save’.


Provisioning users through roles


Step 1:

Use the ‘Roles’ feature in OneLogin to create a new Role called SpotDraft Users. Add the SpotDraft application previously created here and click on ‘Save’.


Step 2:

Provision all the required SpotDraft users through this feature.


Setting up SAML SSO

To set up SAML SSO, follow the steps listed in this article.

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Last updated on July 19, 2023