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Take the next steps on contracts received via email, right from Outlook

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🛠️ Integrating SpotDraft with Outlook

Take the next steps on contracts received via email, right from Outlook

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🚀 Introduction

Streamline your contract management directly from your inbox with the simplicity and power of SpotDraft's Outlook Add-in. This tool is a game-changer for professionals seeking an effortless and efficient way to handle contracts without leaving their Outlook interface. Installation is a breeze - it's as simple as adding a Microsoft Add-in.

Key Features of the Outlook Add-in Integration:

  • Easy Installation: Getting started with the SpotDraft Outlook Add-in is incredibly straightforward. Just add the Add-in from the App Store, and you're ready to integrate your Outlook with SpotDraft’s contract management capabilities.
  • Direct Contract Upload from Email: Eliminate the extra steps of downloading contracts. Upload contracts received via email straight to SpotDraft for review or signatures with just a few clicks.
  • Upload Supporting Documents Easily: Conveniently add any additional documents received in your email as Supporting Documents to your existing contracts in SpotDraft. It streamlines the process of maintaining comprehensive contract records.
  • Efficient Contract Version Management: Stay on top of contract negotiations by uploading the latest versions directly from your email thread. This ensures that the most current contract version is always available on SpotDraft.
  • Intake Forms for Contract Information: If a contract type has an associated Intake Form in SpotDraft, you can fill it out right from Outlook, automatically updating the contract's key details.
  • Assign Optional Reviewers Instantly: Simplify your workflow by assigning optional reviewers while uploading contracts. They are notified immediately, speeding up the review process.

Embrace the ease of managing your contracts with SpotDraft's Outlook Add-in. This guide will show you how to integrate this efficient tool into your workflow, enabling you to harness its full potential for a smarter, streamlined contract management experience.

📝 Prerequisites

Before installing the SpotDraft Outlook Add-in ensure you have:

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

1 - Navigate to the SpotDraft Outlook App with this link

Note. Ensure you’re logged in with your Outlook account

2 - Click on Get it now.

3 - Complete the form and click on Get it now

4 - Click Add.

Note. Microsoft will have routed you to Outlook.

5 - Close Outlook’s helper when you’re ready.

6 - Close the SpotDraft for Outlook page (noting ☑️ Added)

Congratulations. The integration is now complete and you can use SpotDraft directly from Outlook!

✅ Verification

1 - In Outlook, navigate to an email that has an attachment

2 - Click the More Actions button

3 - Select SpotDraft for Outlook.

4 - Click Login With Spotdraft

5 - Click Continue.

6 - After receiving the ‘Success message’ got back to Outlook.

7 - Select the action e.g. ‘Third Party Contract’.

8 - Click Next.

Note. additional files can be uploaded if required.

9 - Complete the ‘Contract Type’ and ‘Counterparty Name’, then click Upload.

10 -  Click the link on the ‘Success Message’.

11 - The Contract is now in SpotDraft and can be managed as required.

Congratulations. You have successfully verified the integration and can now use SpotDraft within Outlook!

💬 FAQs

Can I use the SpotDraft Plugin from my phone?

The SpotDraft Plugin is currently not available for mobile devices, including Android or iOS. It is designed exclusively for use on desktop platforms.

Can I use the SpotDraft Add-in from Outlook for Windows?

Yes. The add-in supports Outlook Desktop for both Windows and Mac.

Does the Add-in extract information from the body of an email?

The Add-in is designed to identify and process attachments in Docx/PDF formats from your emails. It does not extract or process text directly from the email body.

Can I upload multiple contracts at once using the Add-in?

Yes, the Add-in allows you to upload up to five contracts simultaneously from a single email, facilitating bulk processing of contracts.

Does the Add-in support version control for contracts?

Yes, when you upload new versions of a contract via the Add-in, it maintains version control in SpotDraft, ensuring you have a complete history of changes and updates.

Can I assign tasks or set reminders through the Add-in?

The primary function of the Add-in is to facilitate contract uploads and management. Features like task assignments or setting reminders are managed directly within the SpotDraft platform.

🏁 Conclusion

With the SpotDraft-Outlook Add-in integration now active, you're empowered to revolutionize your approach to contract management. This powerful tool simplifies the entire process, enabling you to manage contracts directly from your Outlook account with unprecedented ease and efficiency. By seamlessly integrating with your daily email workflow, it not only saves time but also ensures a more organized and streamlined contract handling experience.

Enjoy the convenience of uploading contracts and supporting documents directly from your emails, maintaining the latest contract versions, and effortlessly managing additional contract information with Intake Forms. This integration is designed to seamlessly fit into your workflow, turning your Outlook into a powerful hub for contract management.

Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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