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Never miss out on a contract action with instant updates and more on Slack

In this article, learn how to integrate SpotDraft with Slack to receive instant updates and notifications on contract actions, enhancing collaboration and streamlining contract management within your team's favorite communication platform.

🛠️ Integrating SpotDraft with Slack

Never miss out on a contract action with instant updates and more on Slack

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🚀 Introduction

Transform your team's contracting efficiency with SpotDraft’s integration with Slack, a powerful tool designed to streamline your contracting processes and boost productivity. By bringing real-time updates and interactive features into your favorite Slack channels, this integration ensures you’re always in the loop, fostering collaboration and enhancing visibility across teams.

With SpotDraft’s Slack integration, you can:

  • Receive Instant Notifications: Stay updated with notifications on crucial contract movements, from creation to execution, directly in Slack. Be promptly informed about actions taken by counterparties on review or signing invites, and keep track of comments and tags on SpotDraft.
  • Direct Channel Posting: Customize your workflow by directing these notifications to specific Slack channels, making it easier for your team to collaborate and respond quickly.
  • Comprehensive Contract Information in Notifications: Notifications include essential details such as the contract name, the SpotDraft user who created it, counterparty name, a direct link to the contract, and any notes or tags for the signatory. This comprehensive information aids in quick decision-making and efficient management.
  • Coverage Across Contract Types: Whether it’s Template Contracts, Third-Party Contracts, Upload & Sign Contracts, or Executed Contracts, receive notifications for all, ensuring no important update slips through the cracks.

This guide will walk you through setting up and optimizing the SpotDraft-Slack integration, empowering your team to close deals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Prerequisites 📝

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

1. Authenticate SpotDraft to your Slack Workspace

1.1 - Login to your SpotDraft workspace and navigate to SettingsIntegrations.


1.2 - Open the Communication section and select Slack.


1.3 - Open the Setup section and click Configure.


1.4 - Click Connect.


1.5 - Sign in to your Slack workspace


1.6 - Click Allow

1.7 - Close the Success message and refresh your browser

2. Configure Notifications

2.1 - Click Connect


2.2 - Click Next.

Note. Change the SpotDraft environment if you prefer to configure the integration on Staging first.

2.3 - Click New authentication.


2.4 - Name the authentication and Click Create.


2.5 - Click Allow.

Note. is used by SpotDraft for this integration.
Note. A ‘success message’ will appear on SpotDraft confirming authentication between SpotDraft & Slack is complete

2.6 - Select the Slack Channel defined in the ‘Prerequisites’ to receive SpotDrive Notifications.

2.7 - Click Next


2.8 - Click Add a new mapping to choose the Contract Activities to be notified in Slack.

2.9 - Choose which Contract Types should notify in Slack.

2.10 - Click Finish.

Note. After finalizing the wizard by hitting 'Finish,' you will be directed back to the Integration Setup page. A confirmation message stating 'Installed Successfully' will appear.

2.11 - To complete the process, simply click the Connect button.

Congratulations. You’ll now be kept up to date on Contract activities directly in Slack!

✅ Verification

1 - Trigger one of the contract activities set in the configuration e.g. ‘Contract Created’. E.g. Upload a third party contract.

2 - Complete the form.

3 - Click Upload.

4 - In Slack, navigate to the channel; that was set to receive SpotDraft notifications e.g. ‘contract_notifications’.

5 - Check for a notification for the activity you triggered and click View Contract.

6 - Ensure the link opens the expected Contract in SpotDraft.

Congratulations. SpotDraft’s Slack integration has been successfully verified. You can stay informed on all contract matters simply from Slack!

💬 FAQs

Can a non-Admin Slack user authenticate this integration on SpotDraft?

No, the integration setup requires administrative privileges on Slack. Therefore, it must be performed by a Slack Admin to ensure proper authentication and configuration.

Does the Slack channel need to be public for this integration?

No, the integration works with both public and private Slack channels. You can choose the channel that best suits your team's workflow and privacy requirements.

Are contract notifications customizable?

Yes, you can customize which types of contract notifications are sent to Slack. This allows you to tailor the integration to your team's specific needs and avoid notification overload.

Can I respond to SpotDraft notifications directly from Slack?

While Slack notifications provide timely updates, actions such as approving, signing, or commenting on contracts still need to be done within the SpotDraft platform.

Is it possible to set up notifications for specific contracts or stages?

Yes, you can configure notifications to be triggered for specific contract types or stages, ensuring that you receive relevant updates that align with your role and responsibilities.

How secure is the SpotDraft-Slack integration?

The integration adheres to high security standards, ensuring that sensitive contract information is handled securely between SpotDraft and Slack. Regular security audits and compliance checks are part of maintaining this security.

Will the integration affect the performance of Slack or SpotDraft?

The integration is designed to be efficient and should not significantly impact the performance of either Slack or SpotDraft platforms.

🏁 Conclusion

With the SpotDraft-Slack integration now in place, you are equipped to elevate your contract management to new heights of efficiency and collaboration. This integration transforms how your team interacts with contracts, enabling real-time updates and streamlined communication within the familiar interface of Slack.

Experience a seamless flow of contract information, where updates, notifications, and contract stages are effortlessly integrated into your daily Slack channels. This enhanced visibility and immediate access to contract status not only save valuable time but also foster a collaborative environment for faster decision-making and action.

👋 Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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