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This article contains the process of setting up Zoho CRM to seamlessly integrate with SpotDraft, streamlining your contract creation process.

In this article: We'll guide you through the process of setting up Zoho CRM to seamlessly integrate with SpotDraft, streamlining your contract creation process.

🔩 Integrating SpotDraft with Zoho

🚀 Introduction

The Zoho Integration with SpotDraft provides substantial benefits to Sales teams by significantly reducing the sales cycle and contract administration. This is achieved through:

  1. Centralized Operations: Maintain operations within Zoho while legal teams use SpotDraft, ensuring efficient data sync and eliminating manual copying.
  1. Streamlined Contract Management: Initiate contracts such as NDAs and CPQs directly from Zoho, accelerating the contract initiation process.
  1. Customized Accessibility: Enhance your CRM's versatility with custom buttons for each SpotDraft contract template. Place these buttons on any Zoho object, labelled for easy identification, to create contracts with a single click.

This integration not only bridges the gap between sales and legal but also accelerates the entire sales process, contributing to a faster and more efficient sales cycle.

📝 Prerequisites

Guidance for Business Users and Zoho Administrators: This section ensures you have all the prerequisites in place for a smooth integration journey.

Checklist for Zoho Integration Setup:

Note. Repeat this process for each SpotDraft contract template you plan to integrate with Zoho. This ensures that each template's unique data needs are met and properly mapped for seamless integration.

⚙️ Installation & Configuration

Insights for System Administrators: While this section is detailed for the technical setup, we encourage business users to engage in the process for insights into how their systems and processes integrate.

🔩 Configuring the Zoho integration on your SpotDraft workspace

This configuration will bring your SpotDraft contract template workflows like NDA, MSA and CPQ into Zoho, enabling salespeople to initiate them directly from Zoho eliminating the need to copy data from Zoho and paste to SpotDraft, making it error-free and reducing the time to close deals!

Log into SpotDraft, navigate to Settings → Integrations → CRM, open the Zoho card and select Setup from the top menu, then click on the Add Integration button on the Create Template Contracts from Zoho option to open the setup wizard.

Follow the Setup wizard to:

  1. Authenticate your Zoho account.
    1. 1.1 Click New authentication.


1.2 Set the Authentication name.

1.3 Click on Create

1.4 Sign in to Zoho following Zoho’s pop-up sign in wizard.

1.5 Click Accept to complete the authentication.

Note. A success message will appear on SpotDraft confirming authentication between SpotDraft & Zoho is complete.

1.6 Click on Next

Note. You can change the SpotDraft Environment that the Integration will be configured for if you wish to.
  1. Template configuration.

This wizard page sets the Contract Template that the rest of the configuration will apply to.


2.1 Select the Contract Template e.g. CPQ.

2.2 Click on Next.

  1. Zoho Module for the Integration

This wizard page sets the  Zoho module that the rest of the configuration will apply to.

3.1 Select the Zoho module. Typically this is Deals, but you could choose Accounts or Contacts.

3.2 Click on Next.

  1. Counterparty objects

This wizard page maps the core counterparty objects.

4.1 Select the Zoho object that corresponds to the SpotDraft object for the organization's ID. Typically, this is the Account Name.

4.2 Select the Zoho object that corresponds to the SpotDraft object for Point of Contact (POC) ID. Typically, this is the Contact Name.

Note. The options in the Zoho field dropdown section are determined by the Zoho module you set in the previous step.
  1. Counterparty details

This wizard page maps the core counterparty fields.

5.1 Click Next if the mapping of the SpotDraft fields is aligned with your Zoho fields.

5.2 If they are not aligned, select the relevant Zoho fields and then click on Next.

  1. Map Contract data.

There are 3 pages of the wizard to map the contract data and set units for duration field types and currency for amount fields. The Mapping sheet that was completed as a Prerequisite will be used for this.

The mapping sheet will detail all of the Contract Template’s questions and have them mapped to Zoho fields.

Tip: If the mapping sheet was created some time ago, it’s a good idea to review it and ensure it’s still accurate.

6.1 Click on Add a new mapping such that all SpotDraft Fields (right column) have a mapping row.

Note. Questions that were given the Type Duration or Currency will have multiple fields available, only create a mapping row for the ones that have the suffix ‘ > Value’.

6.2 Select the corresponding Zoho field for each mapping row based on the mapping sheet.

6.3 Click Next.

  1. All Contact Objects

This section allows for further customization by mapping additional contact objects from Zoho to your contract template. Currently, this feature is being enhanced for future use.

7.1 Click on Next

  1. Map duration fields

For any contract template questions that have the SpotDraft Data Type set to ‘Duration’ in the mapping sheet, we need to define the duration’s unit e.g. Days, Weeks, etc.

8.1 Check your mapping sheet for the SpotDraft questions whose Type is ‘Duration’ (these were highlighted when the mapping sheet was created).

8.2 If there are none, click Next

8.3 If there are some, click Add a new mapping such that all ‘Duration’ field types have a mapping row.

8.4 Set the duration unit for each mapping row.

8.5 Click on Next.

  1. Map Currency fields.

For any contract template questions that have the SpotDraft Data Type set to Currency in the mapping sheet, we need to define which currency e.g. USD, GBP etc..

9.1 If there are no currency type fields, simply click Next.

9.2 Check your mapping sheet for the SpotDraft questions whose Type is ‘Currency’ (these were highlighted when the mapping sheet was created).

9.3 Click Add a new mapping such that all Currency field types have a mapping row.

9.4 Set the Currency for each mapping row e.g. Pound Sterling.

9.5 Click Next.

  1. Name and describe the integration for easy identification and management.
💡 Tip: To make it simple to identify the different Contract Templates’ configurations, prefix the ‘Name’ with the name of the Contract template e.g. CPQ, NDA etc..

10.1 Enter the name.

10.2 Enter the Description.

10.3 Click Next.


11. Push data back to Zoho

This section is designed to configure the flow of data back to Zoho for enhanced data management. Currently, this feature is being enhanced for future use.

11.1 Click Next.

  1. Finalize Integration with Webhook URL

This last step provides you with the webhook URL needed to set up the 'Create Contract' button in Zoho.

12.1 Click the Copy icon to the right of the Webhook URL.

12.2 Paste the Webhook into a secure document or note-taking app where you can easily retrieve it later.

12.3 Click Finish

Note. The copied webhook URL is essential for creating the 'Create Contract' button in Zoho. You will need this URL to configure the button's action to send data to SpotDraft when clicked.
  1. After finalizing the wizard by clicking on Finish, you will be directed back to the Zoho Integration Setup page. A confirmation message stating 'Installed Successfully' will appear.
    1. 13.1 To complete the process, simply click the Connect button.

Congratulations. You have completed the Configuration to create Contracts from Templates, automatically pulling in Zoho data.
Note: To set the integration for a different Contract Template, follow the same process again.

Setting up Custom Buttons on Zoho CRM.

With the SpotDraft integration setup complete, it's time to bring the power of one-click contract creation into your Zoho. Custom buttons in Zoho are not just shortcuts; they are the bridges that connect your CRM data to SpotDraft's contract automation, allowing for a seamless flow from customer management to contract execution.

Note. Here is Zoho’s guidance for creating Custom Buttons
  1. Navigate to create a custom button for the object the integration is based on.
    1. 1.1 Log into Zoho, navigate to 'Settings' → ‘Customization’ → ‘Modules and Fields’.


1.2 Select the Object that the Integration configured previously was based on i.e. Deals.


1.3 Select ‘Links and Buttons’.

  1. Create a the Custom Button
    1. 2.1 Click New Button


2.2 Enter a name for the button e.g. ‘Create CPQ’.

2.3 Optionally, enter a description.

2.4 Select where the button should be placed e.g. ‘Details page’.

2.5 Select Writing Function as the action the button should perform.


2.6 Give the Function a name (no spaces) e.g. ‘Create_CPQ’.

2.7 Set a Display Name e.g. ‘Create CPQ’.

2.8 Optionally, enter a description.

2.9 Click Create

A success message will pop up:


2.10 - Copy and paste the provided script into the function’s script box for your custom button.

Note. If the script box contains any default code such as ‘return "";’ delete it before pasting the Script.

Script with placeholder:

header_data = Map();
raw_data = Map();
response = invokeurl
	url : “SpotDraft Contract Template Webhook URLtype :POST
return response;

2.11 Replace Placeholder with Webhook URL:

  • Locate the placeholder text “SpotDraft Contract Template Webhook URL” in the script.
  • Replace it with the actual webhook URL you obtained from SpotDraft at the end of your integration configuration.
  • Ensure the URL is within double quotes.
Note. It's crucial that the webhook URL is entered correctly to facilitate proper communication between Zoho and SpotDraft. This link is unique to the contract template you are configuring and must match the one provided by SpotDraft for the integration to function as intended.

2.12 Select ‘Edit Arguments’ from the top menu.


2.13 Edit the function arguments:

  • Enter record_id in the Key field.
  • Enter # in the Param Value field.
  • Select Deal Id from the Field dropdown of the param value.
  • Click on Done and then Save.

2.14 Click Save


2.15 Click Save

You’ll now see a new row for the custom button:

Congratulations. Now that you have a custom button to Create the Contract you have completed the Configuration!
Note. Follow the same process for each Contract Template you have created an Integration for.

✅ Verification


Joint Review by Business Users of Zoho and SpotDraft as well as the System Administrator: Confirm that the integration functions as expected and delivers the intended value to your operations.

Verifying the integration is a vital step in ensuring that the value promised by the SpotDraft and Zoho integration is delivered effectively to the business user. Detailed verification from both platforms confirms that the system is fully operational and that data flows accurately from Zoho to SpotDraft. Here's how to conduct this:

Verify the Zoho Custom Create Button creates a Contract on SpotDraft

  1. Set up a test deal in Zoho and open it so that you’re on the page where the custom button was placed e.g. the ‘Deal Details’ page.
  1. Ensure any mapped Zoho fields have been completed as they will complete the Contract Template’s questions
  1. Click the custom button e.g. ‘Create CPQ’

A confirmation message will be displayed that also provide the url of the Created on Contract on Spotdraft

  1. Copy the Contract URL from the success message and paste it into your browser to navigate to the contract in SpotDraft.
  1. Check the expected Counterparty Details and Party Information are as per the deal record in Zoho.
  1. Click Contract Information
  1. Check that the Contract Information is as per the deal record in Zoho. This confirms that the Contract templates Questions have been completed directly with Zoho data.
  1. Click on Preview Contract button
  1. Check that the contract template’s questions have been completed in the actual contract document with the expected values from Zoho.
  1. Click ‘Close’.
Congratulations. The Integration has been successfully verified. You can now create a contract from Zoho with a single click with all Zoho data automatically used to create the contract record and complete the template’s questions.
Tip: If you run into any issues and would like some assistance, simply contact your SpotDraft Customer Success Manager (CSM).

💬 FAQs

Can I use the integration with a free Zoho account?

Yes, it's compatible with both free and paid Zoho accounts.

Are there any additional costs associated with this integration?

No extra fees for the integration. Check Zoho for any API-related costs.

How do I ensure my Zoho and SpotDraft accounts are properly linked?

Ensure the email address used for both accounts is identical.

Can I use this integration to submit Third Party Contracts?

No, this integration is for Custom contract templates. Third-party contracts can be uploaded directly to SpotDraft.

Who should I contact for technical support or troubleshooting?

Reach out to your SpotDraft Customer Success Manager or email help@spotdraft.com.

Is the integration capable of handling multiple contract types like NDAs and sales agreements?

Yes, for each contract type, create a SpotDraft template with its questions, then establish a mapping sheet linking those questions to corresponding Zoho fields.

How secure is the data transfer between Zoho and SpotDraft?

The integration uses secure protocols and encryption to protect data transfer.

Will changes in Zoho data automatically update in SpotDraft?

The integration currently supports one-way sync; updates require manual entry in SpotDraft.

Will changes in SpotDraft data automatically update in Zoho?

The integration currently supports one-way sync; updates require manual entry in Zoho.

Can I customize the SpotDraft contract templates for our company branding?

SpotDraft templates are fully customizable to align with your branding.

What happens if there's an error during data mapping?

The integration flags errors for review. Ensure mapping accuracy in SpotDraft and Zoho.

Can the integration handle contract renewals and amendments?

Renewals and amendments are managed directly in SpotDraft post-initiation.

How can I track the status of contracts initiated through Zoho?

Review the contract in SpotDraft for the latest status information.

Are there any limits on the number of contracts I can manage through this integration?

Contract management capacity depends on your SpotDraft subscription plan.

Can I revert a contract to draft after initiating it from Zoho?

Contracts sent for review or signatures cannot be reverted to draft in Zoho.

What if I can’t see the Zoho integration option in SpotDraft?

Contact your Customer Success Manager or email help@spotdraft.com for assistance.

🏁 Conclusion

Congratulations on successfully setting up the Zoho and SpotDraft integration! You have taken a significant step towards optimizing your contract management and sales processes. With this integration, your business is now equipped to seamlessly create contracts directly within Zoho, enhancing efficiency and reducing the sales cycle.

👋 Remember, should you encounter any challenges or require further assistance, our team is always ready to support you. We're committed to ensuring your continued success with this powerful integration.

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