Product Security Features

Single Sign On

SpotDraft allows account administrators to seamlessly manage access and share policies with authentication and single-sign-on (SSO) options. The platform can be configured to use Office365 or Google Workspace Login via OAuth. SpotDraft also supports SAML to link with your Okta, Active Directory, or custom authentication solutions and allows administrators to enable zero-touch provisioning.


Audit Logs and Version History

The platform has extensive audit logging, allowing user actions to be traced on a contract level. Audit logs capture not only signing and creation events but also the trail of changes made by both the creator and the counterparty. We keep track of every version of the contract created by the user to allow a clear history of each document.


Extensible Roles & Permissions

We understand that access to contracts has to follow our customer’s organization structures and also needs to work across entities in multiple countries. Our fully customizable roles & permissions allow customers to limit access based on Contract Types, Organizational Entities, and Departments. These controls, along with contract-level permissions, ensure that documents are only visible to authorized personnel without sharing each document manually.


Backups and Business Continuity

SpotDraft maintains a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery program to ensure services remain uninterrupted or are easily recoverable in the case of a disaster.

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Last updated on August 23, 2023