Adding Contract Types

Create new contract types under which templates or customer contracts can be added

Before you start creating/uploading contracts on Spotdraft, it is important to set up contract types under which your templates reside, and customer contracts can be uploaded.

Ensure every contract correctly categorised and follows the process you’ve set up for each contract type.


Once your contract types are up on SpotDraft, you can:

  • Define access across users to create, edit, view, suggest and sign contracts. Read more about access levels here.
  • Set up a default entities, approvals, and signature process. Learn how to set up a default signing process.

Here’s how you can create new contract types:


Step 1:

Click on the ‘Manage’ tab on the navigation bar and select ‘Contract Types’

Notion image

Step 2:

Click on ‘+ New Contract Type’

Notion image

Step 3:

In the modal that opens up, add the contract type name, and click on ‘Next’.

Notion image

Step 4:

Add SpotDraft teams or users under the different rights to create, view, make suggestions/edits or cast signatures.

Click on ‘Next’.

Notion image

Step 5:

Add a default signatory if needed, and save the new contract type!

You can use the Workflow Manager as a dashboard to easily create and manage end-to-end contracting processes for all your contract types. To learn more, click here.
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Last updated on August 18, 2023