Setup a Default eSigning Process

Define the eSigning process and services for your contract types across business entities

To make your eSigning experience seamless and efficient, define the process on SpotDraft in a few easy steps.

The prerequisites

  1. Admin rights to your SpotDraft workspace
  1. Contract types set up on your workspace (check out how to do this here)
  1. eSignature integration live**
** If you sign contracts using an eSigning service, integrate with SpotDraft for a seamless experience

Setup Guide


Step 1:

Open the ‘Manage’ section on the nav bar and click on ‘Contract Settings’

Notion image

Step 2:

Select the required contract type from the list and navigate to the ‘Signatories’ section

Notion image

Step 3:

Click on the business entity for which you’re defining the signing process

Signature settings for the entity are split into the following two sections:


Signatories’ Settings

  • If you have an eSigning integration live, click on the ‘Edit’ button for the Default eSignature Service dropdown and select your integrated service
Notion image
  • Click on this button and assign a default signatory from your organisation. In case of their absence, this can be manually reassigned.
Notion image
  • To set a signing order, enable this toggle and assign an order in which the creator and counterparty receive contracts for eSigning.
Notion image

Signature Setup

  • You can make signatures/initials mandatory on every page of a contract by enabling this toggle.
Notion image
  • Business Users can prepare a contract for signing by default. To allow contract editors or workspace admins the right to prepare documents for eSigning, enable the toggles shown below:
Notion image
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Last updated on August 21, 2023