Use Your Own Email Address for SpotDraft Emails

Customize your SpotDraft emails by sending them from your own address. Follow our easy setup guide to get started.

Configuring your SMTP settings in SpotDraft can significantly enhance email delivery. This optional step enables the customization of sender addresses, ensuring emails are sent from your preferred address within your domain. SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) facilitates this process by linking SpotDraft to your selected SMTP server, allowing reliable email dispatch on your behalf.

Configuration Details Required:

  • Host: SMTP Host Address
  • Port: Port Number
  • Host User: Username for SMTP Host
  • Host Password: Password for SMTP Host
  • Preferred Mode: TLS or SSL
  • From Email: Email Address to send emails from
  • Display Text: Text to display in email sender details (e.g., 'Acme via SpotDraft)

To set up this configuration, simply provide these details to SpotDraft support at They'll handle the setup process and get back to you promptly. This customization enhances brand identity and reliability in your email communications.

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