Activity Log

Activity log tracks all in-contract actions for any given contract.

Activity Log - All contract-related activities in one place.

The Activity Log is the central headquarters for contract-related activities. It can be viewed for each contract via the contract summary page.

Every contract has its own dedicated activity log. It allows you and your team to track the timeline of any given contract and serves as a section where you can collaborate with your team.

These are the things that your activity log covers:

  • Contract Activity: From creating a new contract to other functions such as editing, downloading, uploading a new version, sending it out for signatures, and more, everything is tracked in the activity log.
  • Comments and Replies: Share information or ask your team members questions about any contract using your activity log's comment and reply capabilities.
  • Tag Users: Users can also tag relevant individuals here and add a comment to bring it to their attention, provided they are part of the workspace. The tagged users will receive an email notification and a Slack notification from SpotDraft if the Slack integration is enabled for their workspace.

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Last updated on November 28, 2023