Adding Related Documents to Contracts

Learn how to attach associated documents directly to contracts within the SpotDraft platform.

What are related documents?

Related documents are additional files or attachments linked to a specific contract. They can include legal references, amendments, communication records, evidence of compliance, and collaborative contributions. These documents serve to create an audit trail and centralize all relevant information, streamlining the contract management process and enhancing decision-making.

You can link any documents, whether uploaded on SpotDraft or not, to a contract using the Related Documents feature.

Here's how you can link related documents to a contract:

Upload a Supporting Document

Step 1:

Navigate to the 'Manage' section of your contract and locate the 'Related Documents' card. Click on '+Add'.

Step 2:

Choose "Upload" to add a file from your device.

The supported file formats include DOCX, DOC, JPEG, JPG, PNG, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, GIF, TXT, ODP, KEY, ASICE, ADOC, BDOC, and EDO.

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Last updated on November 29, 2023