Applying Filters in the Repository

Learn how to use filters on your SpotDraft repository to refine search items.

Applying filters in the repository

Filters in SpotDraft streamline your search for specific items in the dashboard by applying attributes such as contract type, counterparty, tags, business user, and more.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click the ‘Filters’ icon on the left of the search bar in your SpotDraft repository.
  1. A dropdown with various filters will appear. Hover your cursor over a filter title to reveal further options.
    1. For eg. Hovering your cursor over the ‘Dates’ filter provides the following options:

      • Date Created
      • Date Expiring
      • Date Executed
      • Date Updated On
  1. For each option, choose a predefined time period (like the last 30 or 60 days) or input a custom period. Once selected, the filter is applied, and relevant results are displayed in the repository.
  1. Apply multiple filters simultaneously to focus on specific areas of selected contracts for a granular view.

Watch this video tutorial to learn how to apply filters -


How can you filter contracts that are about to expire?

To filter contracts based on their expiry date, follow these steps:

1. Go to the main grid and click the ‘Filters’ button

2. Click on the ‘Dates’ option.

3. Select the ‘Date expiring’ option and choose the timelines you want to filter your contracts.

Note: Users can also use the custom date option to get visibility for specific dates or time durations.
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Last updated on September 19, 2023