Clause Library on Microsoft Word Editor for SpotDraft

Learn and get started with the Clause Library for authoring contracts.

The SpotDraft Clause Library is an innovative feature designed to streamline the contract authoring process. It acts as a repository filled with standardized contract clauses that have already been approved by legal and are in use in existing agreements. This means that when drafting a contract, you don't need to start from scratch; you can utilize these pre-approved clauses to ensure consistency and compliance across all agreements.

How do you get started with the Clause Library?

  • To access the Clause Library, click on Manage and then select Clause Library.
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  • In the Clause Library, you can:
    • Find existing clauses.
    • All the versions of any given clause.
    • The ability to edit, delete, or modify existing clauses.
    • Or create new clauses.
  • To create a new clause, click the Add Clause button here.
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  • Enter the details of the new clause, and click on Add.
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  • In the next page, you’ll need to add the initial version of the clause.
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  • Click on Add, and you are done. The first version of your clause has been added.
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How do you Add a New Version of a Clause in your Library?

  • To add a new version, just click on the + button here.
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  • Make the copy changes and click on Add.
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  • As you can see, here’s the new version, with the older ones, stacked one-by-one.
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How to access Clause Library on the Microsoft Word editor on SpotDraft?

  • Fire up your editor with the contract you want to edit and add a new clause from the library.
  • Go to Draftmate in the editor and click on the menu here.
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  • Select Clause Library.
  • Now, you can add Clauses from your library directly to the Clause Library.
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  • Expand the clause, and select the right version, copy the clause to add it to the appropriate part of the contract.
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You can also update existing clauses with a new version if you like the current clause in the selected contract.

  • Just highlight the text and click on the Add Clause to Library.
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  • Enter the details, and your clause will be saved as a new version.
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