Comments and Mentions on the Editor

Check out the enhanced comment and mention capabilities of Microsoft Word Editor on SpotDraft.

Please note: Comments and Mentions is currently in Beta and will be rolled out gradually to all our customers.

Comments and Mentions are vital to the contract editing experience in SpotDraft. They’re used to collaborating and editing contracts without adding any noise to your contracts.

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Comments and Mentions offer an enhanced collaborative experience for user communication while editing contracts on SpotDraft. They significantly improve the ability to do swift and vetted contract edits to ship airtight contracts for internal and external legal use.

Availability & Usage

🔐 Available to select customers (beta)

👥 It can be used by admins, editors, and suggesters on SpotDraft

⚙️ Self-serve, available with DraftMate on SpotDraft’s Word editor

How to add a new comment

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  • Select the text
  • Click on the new comment button at the bottom right corner of DraftMate in the editor.
  • That’s it; enter whatever you’d like to comment.
  • Use “@” to tag or mention your teammates or counterparty. Add your teammates by name or their email addresses, and they’ll be notified via email.
  • To maintain seamless communication, you can label your comments as 'team' or 'external.’
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Reply to comments

Quickly reply to any comments by just clicking on the desired message and entering your reply.

Reply to comments by just clicking the desired comment.
Reply to comments by just clicking the desired comment.

Edit a Comment

Just select the 3-dot menu on your selected comment and click on edit comment. You can also delete comments if you add one by mistake.

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Mention a Team Member

  • Mention team members using ‘@’ and enter their name or email ID.
  • When you mention a new team member, they will receive a notification via email and Slack.
  • Remember to toggle between External or Team based on your audience.
  • Additionally, one can easily see relevant comments using the ‘for you’ filter.
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Resolve a comment

Just click on the Resolve Icon on the selected comment to resolve it.

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You’ll also be able to see resolved comments. They’ll all have a resolved ribbon on the top right.

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Reopen a Resolved Comment

  • To Reopen a new comment, select the desired comment.
  • On the 3-dot menu, select Reopen. Or, reopen a comment by just replying to the closed comment.
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Filter Comments

Here’s how to use comment filters to get to desired comments faster.

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Just click the dropdown menu and select the different comment categories to filter:

  • All
  • External
  • Team
  • Comments or Mentions made by you.
  • Resolved
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Last updated on December 20, 2023