Contract Versions

Learn how to navigate and view your contract versions

In this article: You’ll learn about how to navigate across contract versions, filter through it and download them as required.

What are Contract Versions?

SpotDraft's Contract Versions feature enables you to efficiently track all the iterations your contracts undergo, including uploads of new versions or edits made to existing ones. This functionality not only provides a historical view of contract changes but also offers the convenience of downloading any specific version as needed.

📖  Navigating to Contract Versions

  1. On the Summary Page, locate and click on the Versions icon situated above the contract title.
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  1. Alternatively, you can find the version information in the Contract Information card within the Manage section of the Summary Page.
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📖  Filtering through Contract Versions

SpotDraft allows you to apply filters to the contract versions based on specific actions.

For instance, you can filter to view all versions that have been uploaded for a particular contract.

  1. On the Contract Versions side sheet, locate the filters available on the top of the versions listing.
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  1. Click on any filter to apply it. A checkbox shows up beside the applied filters.
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  1. You can apply multiple filters at once based on your requirement.
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Pro Tip: To learn how to filters contract on SpotDraft repository, refer to this article.

📖  Downloading versions

  1. Move your cursor over the desired contract version.
  1. Look for the Download button that appears on the right side of the screen.
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  1. Click on Download to save that version to your device.

📖  Reverting to a Previous Contract Version

While SpotDraft does not support direct reversion to an earlier contract version, you can manually revert by following these steps:

  1. Download the desired contract version as outlined above.
  1. On the Contract Summary Page, click on the three-dot menu.
  1. Select 'Upload' from the menu.
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  1. Upload the downloaded version, which will then be set as the current version of the contract.
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