Creating a SpotDraft Campaign

Step-by-Step Guide

In this article: You’ll learn about campaigns and how to set them up for your contract templates.

What is a campaign?

SpotDraft Campaigns enable you to quickly create and dispatch standardized, bulk contracts to multiple counterparties. This eliminates the need for manually generating individual contracts in large batches and individually tracking each one.

When Should You Run a Campaign?

Use Campaigns when collecting signatures from multiple counterparties for the same contract template is needed.

What Kind of Contracts Can I Run a Campaign For?

Campaigns are suitable for any templated contract on SpotDraft, especially when the contracts are largely non-negotiable. Common uses include sending Offer Letters, ESOP & Employee Agreements, Invoices, and Supply-side Onboarding Agreements.

Prerequisite: Ensure your Contract Template workflow is ready. For details on setting up a New Workflow Configuration, click here and follow Steps 1-7.

📖  Selecting a workflow to run your campaign on

  1. Select Workflow Manager from the manage section in the left navigation.
  1. Select a workflow from the list.
  1. Hit the Workflow Settings button on the top right.
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📖  Setting up a campaign

  1. Once you are in Workflow Settings, toggle the campaigns for the workflow setting ‘on’. Your campaign is now ready.
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  1. On the contract workflow page, hit Publish Workflow and you will be able to send out bulk contracts for this template workflow.
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Last updated on December 1, 2023