Creating a Template Workflow on SpotDraft

Step-by-step guide

In this article: You’ll learn how to create a template workflow using the workflow manager

What is a template workflow?

Template Workflows are one of many workflow types that allow users to create new contracts using their base templates on SpotDraft. Users can also create Bulk Contract Campaigns and Express Contracts using Template Workflows.


Things to know

Workflows are step-by-step processes where users can select the appropriate template for their contract, customize their contract questionnaire or intake form, and assign approvers to the contract using conditional logic.
Workflow Manager
Workflow Manager allows you to build and manage contract workflows to efficiently improve your organization's contract processes.
Template Document
Standard contract documents that have been transformed into dynamic, customizable templates using our plug-in, Draftmate.

📖  Initiating a new workflow configuration

  1. Select Workflow Manager from the sidebar under the Manage section.
  1. Once you’re on the Workflow manager page, hit New Workflow Configuration on the top left to get started.

📖  Creating a new workflow configuration

  1. Select Template Workflow as the Workflow Type.
  1. Fill in the rest of the information and select Create Workflow. Note: Each Template Workflow is linked to a single contract type.
Tip: Use the workflow description to enrich understanding and usage guidelines for the template workflow. This section allows for the addition of detailed text and the integration of URL links to provide additional context and clarity when using this template for contract creation.
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📖  Setting up parties for your contacts

Once the workflow details have been added you can add party information. You can add both creator and counterparties here.

1. When the Setup Document & Questionnaire section is selected, select +Add Parties .

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2. Enter details for your company and the counterparty. Once you’re done, hit Save. You can then create separate questionnaires for each party.

Note: You can add a single company party but multiple counterparties.

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📖  Crafting the questionnaire

Questionnaires allow you to set up questions that will be answered by the person executing the contract template, the answers to these questions will replace pre-configured fields in the template document. You can upload this document in the next step.

1. Click on Set Up Questionnaire to start building your questionnaire for either your company or for your counterparties. The responses here will replace pre-assigned variables in the contract template.

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2. Create sections to categorize your questions by hitting the + new section button. Once you create a section, you can add questions to it. 3. Add questions by hitting the + new question button. For more information on creating questionnaires, visit <insert link>.

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📖  Uploading the template document

A template document is the contract document associated with a workflow. To create a template document, you can use our Draftmate plugin on Microsoft Word to turn a contact document into a template.

  1. Once you’re in the upload template document section hit Upload Docx to upload the document you have prepared using Draftmate.
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📖  Managing Party Information Questions

Party information questions are standard questions about the parties of a contract that SpotDraft will collect as part of the contract template workflow.

  1. Once you are in the questionnaire section for a specific company or counterparty, click on the Party Information section at the top left
  1. You can then configure the specific questions you’d like to ask. Note: Default values for certain fields cannot be changed for the creator party. counterparty responses can be enabled via toggles.
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📖  Setting up approvals

You can setup, Pre-send Approvals, Pre-Sign Approvals and Approval Preferences. To read more on Approvals, Check out this Document.

  1. When the approvals section is selected under additional options hit click to set up to add approvals.
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  1. Once the side sheet is open you can add relevant information associated with your approval.
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📖  Publishing your workflow

  1. Once you’ve completed all the steps, hit publish workflow to make your workflow available to the rest of your organization.

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Last updated on August 10, 2023