Editor 2.0: Refreshed Contract Editing on SpotDraft

Learn about the new updates to Microsoft Word Editor on SpotDraft and the new Document Saving UI improvements(Beta).

The new Editor 2.0 on SpotDraft is finally here!

Editor 2.0 includes a completely redesigned comments & mentions capability and enhanced contract-saving experience when you edit contracts. So let’s dive in and see what’s new!

Availability & Usage

📍The new update is coming soon to your SpotDraft Workspace in a few weeks. (phased rollout)

👥 SpotDraft editors, admins, suggesters

⚙️ Self-serve, available on the Word Editor for SpotDraft

What’s new?

Seamless Comments and Mentions for Effortless Collaboration

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The newest update includes a fresh new comment & mentions interface and improvements to document-saving interactions.

  • Start and reply to comment threads seamlessly.
  • Single-step comments; classify as external or team with a toggle.
  • Use the '@' key to mention teammates via comments, who are also notified via Email/Slack.
  • Filter views for comments: external, team, For You, resolved comments.

See what’s new in detail; check out the help documentation.

Streamlined Contract Edits & Saves

Legal teams often face the challenge of tracking numerous contract edits on SpotDraft. To address this:

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  • Real-time Edits: Introducing UI interactions to view the latest edits instantly.
  • Auto-Save: Contracts save automatically upon closing the editor. Regular session saves also occur during edits.
  • In-app Alerts: Get notified if edit sessions are active during:
    • Downloading
    • Approving
    • Marking for Execution
    • Uploading versions
    • Review completion
    • Sending to counterparty
    • Saving compared versions.

See what’s new in detail; check out the documentation.

What Inspired Us to Bring You These New Updates?

Since releasing Microsoft Word for SpotDraft in May 2023, we have combined the best of both worlds - addressing concerns with cloud-based editors while retaining their benefits.

The feedback we received since the release has led to significant improvements in team collaboration and user experience, ensuring effortless contract editing sessions, culminating in today’s improved DraftMate add-in, editor enhancements, and saving interactions.

Moving on from the Legacy Editor (For Legacy users only)

Starting November 7th, SpotDraft users can only use the Word editor to edit new contracts, as we will stop support for the legacy editors. Existing contracts using the legacy editor will still be supported.

Our focus has now shifted towards building specific legal features to improve the editing experience on the Word editor, starting with Update 2.0, therefore, we’ll be only supporting the new editor in the future.

Exciting Times Ahead

We are very excited to get the update into your hands in the coming weeks, and we’d love to know your experience with the new editing overhaul. Till then, happy contracting!

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Last updated on October 25, 2023