Email Formats on SpotDraft

Get to know the differences between standard template and custom text email formats that go out to your recipients

Effective communication is key to a faster contracting process. The email experience on SpotDraft ensures a higher open rate with your recipients.

Email formats add to it by giving you the flexibility to choose between Standard Template emails and Custom Text emails when you convey contract updates or request for review/signatures from SpotDraft.

Standard Template Emails

Send pre-designed emails to your recipients that highlight the contract details and next steps clearly for your counterparties. This layout ensures consistent communication across contracts and counterparties. SpotDraft's branding further adds credibility to your communications.


Benefits of Standard Template emails:

  • Clear and consistent communication: Standard Template emails ensure a uniform communication style every time. They clearly define tasks, conveying complex details in an easy to understand way.
  • Time-Saving: You can quickly send out professional-looking emails without the need to craft each one from scratch.


You can personalise sections like contract titles, email subject line and add additional notes.

To white-label your Standard template emails, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and incorporate your own branding elements.

Standard email templates are especially beneficial when sending contracts like HR agreements, where the recipients are usually individuals. Incorporating branding elements enhances overall consistency of the communication.

Custom Text Emails

Custom Text emails provide a more straightforward approach to communication, focusing solely on the textual content of your messages. These emails are versatile and allow for a range of customisation options. unformatted emails that convey information using plain text, without any graphical or HTML elements.

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Benefits of Custom Text emails:

  • Direct and personal communication: These emails feel more personal and are often perceived as genuine, fostering stronger relationships. You also have the freedom to structure your emails in more details.
  • Distraction-free: Custom Text emails eliminate distractions and focus solely on the content you want the recipients to see.
Custom Text emails can be used for sending a quick queries, providing detailed updates or discussing contract terms with counterparties

Choosing the Right Email Type

Choosing between Standard Template emails and Custom Text emails depends on your communication goals, branding preferences, and the level of customisation required.

If consistency and branding are crucial, Standard Template emails are better suited to your needs. If you value direct and personal communication, Custom Text emails could be more suitable.

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Last updated on September 13, 2023