eStamping FAQs

Everything you need to know about SpotDraft’s eStamping services

Q1. What is e-stamping management, and how does it benefit users?

  • SpotDraft’s eStamping services allow users to procure, affix and manage stamp papers for contracts efficiently and ensure compliance.

Q2. What services are included in e-stamp procurement, and in which states is it available?

  • SpotDraft’s eStamping services allow users to purchase stamp papers. Users can currently purchase stamp papers from 23 states and 3 union territories, with ongoing expansion.

Q3. How to Place Your Stamp Paper Orders?

  • Ad hoc Order: You can place ad hoc orders using the place order feature present under the contract information card on the SpotDraft platform.
  • Bulk Order: If the volume of stamp papers to be procured exceeds 20, it qualifies as a bulk order. You can order bulk stamp papers by emailing the Customer Support Manager or filling up a bulk request form. This will be enabled through the platform shortly.

Q4.What information do you need to keep handy before placing an order?

  • Each state may have different rules for providing information while procuring stamps. Generally, the name and address of the procuring party, purpose/document type, name/role of the counterparty, PAN of the procuring entity, stamp denomination, etc., are required across states. In addition, we need the volume of stamps to be procured in case of bulk orders.

Q5. What is the pricing structure for stamp paper procurement, and how is it billed?

  • Pricing includes stamp duty, issuing fee, and SpotDraft service fee. Billing is based on a monthly deposit, with deductions for each order.

Q6. Can I request physical copies of the stamps, and what is the associated cost?

Physical copies are sent by courier each month, and a fee of ₹500 is charged for each courier or mail delivery.

Q7. What details do I need to provide when placing an order for stamps?

  • State, denomination, quantity, purpose/description/contract type, entity names and addresses, counterparty details, and bearer name.

Q8. Where can I verify the authenticity of stamps procured through SpotDraft?

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Last updated on November 23, 2023