How to add recipients from the Contract Summary page

Learn how to add recipients to your contract from the Contract Summary page

What are Approvers, Signatories, and Receivers, and how to add them?

  • Approvers - Approvers are the parties responsible for approving the contract's terms after it has been sent for signatures by the creator and before it goes to the counterparty for signatures. Approvers approve a contract either on an ad-hoc basis or at pre-set intervals across the contract lifecycle.
A contract must include at least one signatory for an approver to be added; it cannot have only an approver as a recipient.
  • Receiver - An internal or external stakeholder who receives a PDF copy of the executed contract.
  • Signatory - The person who digitally signs a contract, taking it to execution. Within organization-type parties, you have the flexibility to include multiple recipients. However, when dealing with individual party types, it's important to note that you cannot add or modify the signatory.
Once a recipient has taken any action, users are no longer able to make edits to the recipients.

In this guide, we'll see how to add recipients to your contract from the Contract Summary card.


Step 1: Navigate to the contract you wish to edit or add recipients to. Scroll down to the 'Party Information' card, and within this section, click on 'Add Recipients' to proceed

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Once the “Add Recipients” card opens

  • Select the party from the drop-down in the Party column
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  • Specify the recipient's role as “Approver,” “Recipient,” or “Viewer” in the “Recipient Type” column.
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  • Add the name and email, and save.
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  • To add more recipients, click "Save and Add Another.”

Step 2: Once all the necessary stakeholders are added, simply click "Save Add and Close" to confirm the recipients' details.

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Once the contract enters the "Signing" stage, users are unable to add any more recipients.
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Last updated on December 6, 2023