How to assign signature fields in SpotDraft Sig

Learn how to assign fields in your contracts using SpotDraft Sign

In this guide, we'll see how to assign fields in SpotDraft Sign. The "Assigning Fields" feature empowers users to allocate specific signing fields to individual signatories. This ensures a streamlined signing process by eliminating any confusion about where each signatory needs to place their signature. With this feature, you can easily define and designate signing fields for each signer, enhancing clarity and efficiency in your document signing workflow.

Within the "Prepare for Signing Block," users possess the ability to assign signature fields. After adding recipients, you should be able to assign signature fields. Here are multiple ways to effectively assign a signature field -

  1. Drag and Drop - Click on the desired party to expand the list of field options tailored to capture contract acceptance for respective signatories. Choose an option based on your needs and seamlessly drag and drop the field to where the user's signature should be placed.
  1. Dropdown - You can also change the signatory after adding the field to its location by simply clicking on the field a drop-down will open with all the signatories added and you can select the signatory from there.
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After adding a field, you can simply copy-paste using “Cmd+C” to copy and “Cmd+V” to paste it. This allows you to switch between signatories without having to drag and drop each field again and again. Additional Shortcuts:

To delete an assigned field, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the field you wish to delete.
  1. Open the dropdown menu by clicking the kebab icon and select “Remove”

Alternatively, Mac and Windows users can select the field and press "Delete.”

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Last updated on September 29, 2023