How to Copy/Paste from Spreadsheets to Dynamic Tables on SpotDraft

Effortlessly transfer data from your spreadsheet to the dynamic table with a simple right-click. Copy the data from your spreadsheet, and then right-click to seamlessly paste it onto the dynamic table. Say goodbye to manual data entry.

How to prepare your spreadsheet

To ensure a seamless user experience, we have addressed specific use cases and provided instructions on how to format your spreadsheet before copying it into our Dynamic Table.

Phone Numbers

When copying data to paste into a phone number column in a Dynamic Table, make sure to include the country code and phone number.

To do this in spreadsheets, simply add "'+<country_code>" before the phone number in all the required cells.

Example of incorrect format - 82550 xxxxx ❌

Example of correct format - +91 99833 xxxxx, +1 32494xxxxx ✅


When copying data to paste into a currency column in a Dynamic Table, make sure to enter the ISO currency code along with the amount. SpotDraft will not detect a currency symbol, as some currency symbols are reused by multiple countries. For example, the symbol "$" can represent US, Australian, and Canadian dollars.

Example of incorrect format - $124, Rs.3562 ❌

Example of correct format - USD 120, 200 INR, 233 GBP ✅


SpotDraft’s Dynamic Table can read and understand the date format copied and pasted from a spreadsheet in most cases. For best results, we recommend formatting your date column in either of the following two formats:


Here are some resources that can be helpful while preparing your spreadsheet:

Microsoft Excel - Follow this Link

Google Sheets - Link

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Last updated on August 27, 2023