How to Customize a Clickthrough on SpotDraft Clickthrough

Learn how to customize your Clickthrough by adding multiple checkboxes and determining the text for your Clickthrough.


Here’s how you can customize your Clickthrough as per your brand and needs: Step 1 - Time to put your personal touch on the Clickthrough. Start by selecting the Clickthrough packet you wish to customize. Then, move on to the next step by clicking on 'Clickthrough settings' to unveil the world of personalization options.

Step 2 - In the supported Domain section, you can enhance the experience by incorporating your company's domain name. This not only fosters inclusivity but also leaves the signatory with the impression of signing directly on your website.

Step 3 - There are multiple ways you can present your Clickthroughs. Firstly, you have the option of using a single-line box for the Clickthrough display. This simplifies the Clickthrough process, making engagement quick and focused for the signatories.

Step 4 - Using multiple checkboxes for the Clickthrough display allows for an interactive experience, giving signatories a range of choices conveniently accessible.

Step 5 - Lastly, you can select the inline view option. Here, the Clickthrough seamlessly integrates within the content flow, creating an effortless and cohesive experience for the signatories.

Step 6 - Another customization option lies in the ability to tailor the Clickthrough text itself. This empowers you to craft the message with which your Clickwrap appears, ensuring clarity and alignment with your brand.

Step 7 - Click save once you are done making the changes.

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Last updated on September 19, 2023