How to Skip Approvals on SpotDraft

Here’s how you can skip approvals - Conditional Approvals, Ad-Hoc Approvals and Sequential Approvals

There might be a requirement to skip approvals on SpotDraft for specific legal or business instances.

Here’s how you can allow users to skip approvals. Follow these instructions.

  • From your SpotDraft Dashboard, navigate to the Workflow Manager.
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  • Open the Workflow where you’d like to add the option to skip approvals.
  • Once you’re in, go to Approvals.
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  • In Approvals page, click on Approval Preferences as shown below to start the process.
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  • All Workflows, by default, allow collaborators to skip approvals. If you want to make approvals mandatory, please toggle it to a Blocked action, as shown below.
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  • After this, you can set exceptions to allow select users to skip these mandatory actions.
  • All you need to do is use the dropdown here to allow users to skip approvals, as shown below.
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  • These users will now be able to skip approvals after being added.
  • Please select Mark for Execution to skip Pre-Sign approvals and Send Contract to Counterparty for Pre-Send approvals.

Hope this article helps you understand how to manage approvals on SpotDraft.

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Last updated on December 12, 2023