Managing Access for Clickthrough

Learn how to manage access for Clickthrough Manager and Clickthrough Repository.


Access control enables you to designate which teams can use Clickthrough. Only teams granted access can perform actions within the Clickthrough Manager. These actions include creating Clickthrough packets, establishing Clickthrough agreements, configuring custom domains, and accessing the repository, among other functionalities.


📖 Navigating to Access Control Settings

From the side navigation menu go to Settings > Access Control

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📖  Manage Team Access

  1. In the Access Control settings, find the Teams section. Here, you can add new teams or select from existing teams to manage their Clickthrough permissions.
  1. Select the team you want to manage permissions for.
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📖  Enable Manage Clickthrough

  1. In the permissions section, locate the Manage Clickthrough toggle. Switch this toggle on to grant the team permission to use the Clickthrough Manager and the Clickthrough Repository. With this toggle turned on, the team members will be authorized to create Clickthrough packets, establish agreements, configure domains, and access the repository which stores executed contracts.
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I can't view contracts in the Clickthrough repository, even though I have access to Clickthrough Manager.

This is due to access-related issue for Clickthrough Packet. To view the executed Clickthrough contracts, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Access Control
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  1. Go to Contract Types
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  1. Add the name of the person who wants to view the contract as a Viewers and then click on Save
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