Purchasing and using Extraction Credits

Everything you need to know about Extraction Credits and how you can purchase them in-app

What are Extraction Credits?

Extraction Credits are your key to unlocking Smart Data Capture without any manual intervention, in-app.

These credits give you the flexibility to extract AI-driven Key Pointers from your contracts without the need to make separate purchases for each contract. In other words, they make using Smart Data Capture seamless, enabling you to get the most out of SpotDraft.


Purchasing Extraction Credits


Before you can purchase credits, ensure that you have the rights for in-app billing and payments.

These rights are enabled for Admin users by default, and can be manually enabled for other teams as needed.
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Contracts that use Extraction Credits will notify you of the available balance and have a button to purchase additional credits as shown below:

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To make a purchase, follow these steps:


Step 1:

Click on the ‘Purchase Credits’ button.


Step 2:

Select the number of units as per your needs and proceed to checkout.

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Step 3:

Add your account and payment details, purchase the credits, and sit back!

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You will receive the invoice and payment confirmation over email for reference.
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Last updated on October 15, 2023