Setting up the format of the contract to be used to send a contract to the counterparty

Streamline your contract process and manage how contracts are shared with counterparties by configuring email attachment formats for your workflows.

In this article: You will learn about controlling the file formats to be available when sharing contracts with counterparties

What are Contract Formats?

These are the format options available to users when sending a contract to their counterparty.

By setting specific contract-sharing formats, you can:

  1. Minimize unnecessary redlining from counterparties by sending contracts in non-editable formats (e.g., PDF).
  1. Streamline contract processes, such as sending order forms, by offering only the most relevant sharing option.
  1. Enhance security by limiting how contracts can be shared.

📖  Navigating to Workflow Settings

  1. You can access the Workflow Manager in two ways:
      • Using the keyboard shortcut: Press Command + K (Mac) or Control + K (Windows) and type Workflow Manager.
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      • Through the Manage menu: Go to Manage > Workflows.
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  1. Click on the workflow you want to configure. This will open the workflow details.
  1. Click the Workflow Settings button at the top right corner of the workflow details page.
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📖  Configuring Email Attachment Formats

  1. At the bottom of the Workflow Settings panel, you'll find the Email Attachment Formatssection.
  1. This section controls which format options will be available to users when sending the contract to a counterparty:
      • Contract Link: A unique URL that allows the counterparty to view the contract within SpotDraft and respond to any questions or requests.
      • MS Word (.docx): The contract will be sent as an editable Microsoft Word document.
      • PDF (.pdf): The contract will be sent as a non-editable PDF document.
  1. Check the boxes next to the formats you want to allow for this workflow.
      • For example, if you want to minimize redlines, uncheck the "MS Word" option and only keep "Contract Link" and "PDF" checked.
  1. Your changes will be automatically saved.
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  1. You must select at least one format to be available for sharing.
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Important: If you select only the Contract Link for template workflows, the MS Word option will automatically be enabled when the template contract is modified in the editor or when a new version is manually uploaded. This happens because the contract link is invalidated when the contract undergoes any manual edits.

📖  Understanding Use Cases

  1. Order Forms: For order forms where minimal negotiation is required, you might choose to only enable "Contract Link" and "PDF" as sharing options.
  1. Highly Negotiated Contracts: You may want to offer all three options ("Contract Link", "MS Word", and "PDF") for contracts that are likely to involve redlining and revisions.
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