Setup Approval Actions for your Contracts on SpotDraft

Here’s how to modify approval actions and access on SpotDraft

Now, you can directly allow actions such as:

  • Mark for execution
  • Upload
  • Download
  • Send to Counterparty

Please follow the steps below to set up contract actions during the approval phase.

  • Navigate to the workflow where you’d like to edit approval actions.
  • Select your desired workflow from Workflow Manager.
  • Now, navigate to Approvals.
Notion image
  • Now, please click here to access all your approval actions.
Notion image
  • By default, all actions are allowed during the approval phase.
  • You can block a certain action for all users during the approval phase.
  • Additionally, in cases where you specifically require certain users to be allowed to perform any blocked action, you can do it by following the next step.
  • To allow certain users, select them from the dropdown below the blocked action, as shown here.

Voila, you have set up a new action during the approval phase for a given contract type.

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Last updated on December 11, 2023