Showing dropdown options based on conditional logic

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In this article: You’ll learn how to configure your dropdown questions to only show certain answers based on conditional logic

How this helps

For any question that is of type dropdown or multi dropdown, you can now configure which of the options will be shown to users, based on some conditional logic. This can be useful when your dropdown questions have a lot of answers, but not all of them are required to be shown all of the time.

Prerequisite: This feature is only available for dropdown and multi dropdown questions

📖  Enabling this feature for your dropdown question

  1. Select workflow manager from the manage section in the left navigation.
  1. Select any workflow from the list.
  1. Open a questionnaire and find a question of type “Dropdown” or “Multi Dropdown”
  1. Open the Conditional Logic tab and enable the toggle Show different options based on conditional logic
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📖  Setting up your option groups

  1. Select the options you would like to be part of this group
  1. Set up the conditions for when these options should be shown
  1. Additionally, you can rename this option group
  1. Set up as many option groups as you like
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Note: Options that are not part of any group will not be shown to the users, you can find these unlinked options in the last accordion.
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