Signing Contracts on Your Mobile with SpotDraft eSigning

Learn how to sign contracts on your phone with SpotDraft Sign.

Follow these simple steps to easily sign a contract using your mobile device. Step 1:You've received a request to sign a contract using SpotDraft sign, begin by locating the SpotDraft email and click on “Sign Agreement” Step 2:Start the signing process by either clicking the 'Start Signing' button at the bottom of the page or using the arrow buttons to navigate between signing fields once the contract opens

Step 3: In the 'Edit Signature' pop-up, customize your signature by choosing one of the following options: Type it: Enter your signature using the keyboard.

  • Type it: Enter your signature using the keyboard.
  • Draw it: Select the "Draw" radio button and use your finger to create a signature directly on the screen.
  • Upload it: If you have a digital version of your signature saved on your device, click on "Upload" to select and import it.

Step 5: After adding your signature, it will auto-populate in the designated field. Click “Confirm” and then select “Finish Signing” to finalize the signature process.


Step 6: Once the contract is signed, easily access the executed document by clicking on the 'View' button. If you need a copy of the executed contract, click on the 'Download' button to save it to your device

While using the “Type” signing method for contracts, you also have the option to choose the font type that suits you best from a range of available options. This allows you to personalize your signature to your preference.
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Last updated on November 20, 2023