Smart Data Capture in Bulk

This guide will show you how extract multiple contracts using Smart Data Capture in one go.

What is Smart Data Capture?

Smart Data Capture, powered by SpotDraft AI, simplifies the process of extracting key data from your contracts. It utilizes advanced large language model (LLM) and OCR technology for automated data analysis and extraction. For a quick refresher, visit this article.

Extracting multiple documents at once

Using Bulk Smart Data Capture from the contract repository, you can now extract up to 200 contracts at once. Follow these steps to see how.

Smart Data Capture in Bulk is only available for customers who have access to Smart Data Capture. If you don’t see this in your workspace, please reach out to your customer success manager to get started.

Step 1

Select the contracts that you want to extract from the contract repository. You can select up to 200 contracts at once

Notion image

Step 2

Click on the three-dot menu at the top of the table, and click on “Extract Data Using Smart Data Capture”

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Step 3

The system will ask you to confirm if you would like to proceed. Note that each contract requires one Extraction Credit. If you do not have sufficient credits, you may have to remove some contracts or purchase more from the app

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Note that selected contracts that are Clickthrough, Void, On hold, Non-Executed Template, or Express Template Contracts will be excluded from the bulk extraction process. This is to avoid consuming any credits where it may not be required, or the contract may not be finalized yet. If there are such contracts, you will see the list of exclusions in this step

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Once you are ready, you can click on “Proceed with Extraction”.

Contracts that are being extracted will have a purple loading icon next to them in the repository to indication that extraction is in progress
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Will the system automatically exclude contracts that were recently extracted?

As of today, the system will not automatically exclude contracts that were recently extracted. To avoid reusing credits multiple times for a single contract, please make sure you select the right contracts.

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Last updated on March 11, 2024