Troubleshooting Document Upload Failures on SpotDraft

Learn how to resolve server related issues around downloading, uploading or executing contracts on SpotDraft

In this article: Sometimes you encounter issues while uploading, downloading, or executing documents on SpotDraft. This can occur due to corrupt files or improper saving methods. This article guides you through the steps to resolve such issues efficiently.

Steps to Resolve Upload Issues

  1. Open the document in MS Word.
  1. Navigate to File > Save As and save the document locally, either by replacing the old file or saving it as a new one.
  1. Try uploading the new document again to SpotDraft.

If the issue persists, follow these alternative steps:

  1. Upload the document to Google Drive.
  1. Open it with Google Docs.
  1. Download the document as a Microsoft Word (.docx) file through File > Download > Microsoft Word (.docx).
  1. Try uploading the new document again to SpotDraft.

Need Further Assistance?

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Last updated on February 13, 2024