Types of Workflows on SpotDraft

Learn all about the different workflows that you can build with SpotDraft’s Workflow Manager.

SpotDraft’s Workflow Manager comes with five different types of Workflow.

Types of Workflows

The Workflow Manager currently supports two different contract workflows with their own sub-workflows:

  • Template Workflows:
    • Create Contract from Templates — Build a workflow to create a contract from a preselected template of your choice. These could range from new sales agreements to employment agreements.
    • Bulk Contracts — Create contract campaigns when sending multiple versions of a single contract to multiple counterparties. For example, an updated version of your terms of service, where all you require is your counterparty's name and signature.
    • Express Contracts — Create workflows for repetitive contracts that can be shared via a URL. These contracts consist of embedded web forms for counterparties, which create a 1:1 contract based on the form inputs by the counterparty. For example, getting a new vendor to sign a vendor agreement where all you require are legal details like PoC name, vendor organization, location, and more.
  • Upload Workflows:
    • Third-Party Paper — Create workflows to upload third-party contracts directly or through your 3rd party platforms (CRMs, HRMS, and others), collect key details, and prioritize contract activities accordingly.
    • Upload and Sign — With this Workflow, you can collect key information for contracts that are ready for signatures. Create intake forms that collect key information your business team requires for signatures.
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Last updated on August 23, 2023