Using Signature Packets

Merge up to 5 documents and send them for eSigning as a packet

Signature Packets on SpotDraft enable you to merge up to 5 pre-approved documents and sending them together for eSigning as one contract.


Top benefits of using this feature are:

  • Prepare all 5 documents for eSigning in one go
  • Add up to 10 counterparties for the same contract
  • Ease the eSigning process with packets instead of separate contracts

Check out a video of it in action:


Here are the steps for your reference:

Step 1:

Click on the ‘New Workflow’ button an select ‘Sign Contract’.


Step 2:

Select from your device, or drag and drop up to 5 files in the doc, docx or PDF formats.


Step 3:

Check the box at the bottom of the popup to merge the selected files into one Signature Packet.


Step 4:

Click on ‘Next’ to add the additional details like contract type and counterparty name.


Step 5:

Click on ‘Upload’ and prepare the Packet for eSigning just like an Upload and Sign contract.

Note: This feature only supports pre-approved contracts uploaded under the Sign Contract workflow.
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Last updated on May 30, 2023