What is a Workflow?

Generate new contracts with a new self-serve intuitive tool by SpotDraft — Workflow Manager. (Closed Beta Program)

What is a Workflow?

Workflows are a part of the Workflow Manager in SpotDraft. They are step-by-step processes that enable SpotDraft users to create contract-based workflows for contract creations, uploads, and executions.

In this no-code, step-by-step process, users can select the appropriate template for their contract, customize their contract questionnaire or intake form, and assign approvers to the contract using conditional logic.

You can use Workflow Manager to create:

  • Contracts with Template workflows.
  • Collect and execute third-party contracts with Third-party contract workflows.
  • Seamlessly add approvers and collect approvals for new and existing agreements.
  • Streamline repetitive contract creation, such as NDAs, T&Cs, and more, with Express contract and Contract campaign workflows.
  • Bespoke versions of the same contract for multiple parties or individuals.
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Last updated on August 23, 2023