What is the difference between Pre-Sign and Pre-Send Approvals?

How do pre-sign and pre-send approvals differ?

Pre-sign Approvals

What are they?

Pre-sign approvals are specific to when a contract is poised at the "signing" stage. They ensure that the contract is reviewed and deemed appropriate before any signatures are made.

Pre-sign approvals are specific to the stage of a contract and depend on the workflow you’re using:

  • Pre-sign approvals are in the “signing” stage for an Upload and sign workflow.
  • For Template workflows, it’s in the “redlining” phase.

When are they triggered?

Pre-sign approvals are initiated before the contract can be prepared for signatures.

Things to remember:

  1. Pre-sign approvals are initiated before contracts are prepped for signatures.
  1. For contracts from third-party sources (often termed 'third-party paper'), users must designate the signature fields manually. Only upon this designation will the pre-sign approval process be launched.

Key Characteristics:

  • Focuses on the signature aspect of the contract.

Pre-send Approvals

What are they?

Pre-send approvals are a broader category of approvals targeting the overall readiness of a contract before it is shared with the counterparty for review or for collecting feedback. When are they triggered?

These can be set into motion:

  1. When the contract has reached a point where it's primed to be sent out for acquiring signatures.
  1. When a contract is created using a template workflow.
  1. When users try to share the contract with the counterparty in the case of a third-party paper contract.

Key Characteristics:

  • It encompasses a broader range of contract reviews, not just those restricted to signatures.
  • It can be instigated at various stages in the contract management lifecycle.

In Conclusion

Understanding the nuance between pre-sign and pre-send approvals is crucial for effective contract management. While both cater to ensuring that contracts are appropriately vetted before finalization:

  • Pre-sign focuses more on the final frontier before sealing the contract with signatures.
  • Pre-send takes a holistic approach, ensuring that the contract, at any stage, is ready to proceed to the next step, including being sent out for signatures.

Integrating both into your contract management workflow is essential to ensure thoroughness and compliance.

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Last updated on November 30, 2023