Workflow Descriptions for Your Template Workflow

Enhancing Template Workflows with Descriptive Context

Utilize the workflow description to provide a comprehensive understanding and clear usage guidelines for your template workflow. This section can include detailed text and URL links. These serve to offer additional context and clarify the intended use of the template during contract creation.

Adding a Workflow Description

For New Workflows:

When setting up a new workflow configuration, ensure to add a workflow description as part of the creation process.

For Existing Workflows:

To modify or review the descriptions of existing workflows, navigate to the “Workflow Details” tab, where you can access and edit the workflow description.

Guidelines for Adding Content:

Text Content: Feel free to add any text that provides further insight into how the template should be used for contract creation.

URL Links: You can also insert links that will be accessible in the contract creation tab. These links should be relevant and augment the understanding of the workflow.

Viewing Your Workflow in Action:

  • To see the effect of your workflow descriptions, click on “+new” and then select “Template Contract”.
  • In this view, you will observe the text and URL links that have been incorporated into the template, demonstrating how they will appear during actual contract creation.
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