Introduction to the SpotDraft Repository

SpotDraft's repository is a centralized storage hub for contracts, enabling efficient organization, access, and collaboration.

What is the SpotDraft repository?

SpotDraft's repository serves as a central storage hub for contracts and related documents, facilitating streamlined organization, management, and actions related to contracts.

What’s on the SpotDraft repository page?

The SpotDraft repository page is the default view when you open the SpotDraft dashboard.

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Use the SpotDraft repository to carry out the following actions -

  1. Adding filters to the repository: Apply filters to refine searches based on attributes like contract types and counterparties.
  1. Using search + advanced search: Perform quick and advanced searches within the repository using the search bar.
  1. Add custom views: Segregate important sections and customize dashboard views for efficient organization.
  1. Manage columns: Customize and manage columns to view important data.
  1. Check contracts assigned to you: Gain an overview of pending tasks assigned to you for effective monitoring of contracts and tasks.
  1. Add contract tags: Categorize contracts using tags for easy identification.
  1. Perform bulk actions: Execute bulk actions for time-saving efficiency such as downloading contracts, generating reports, adding a business user, and more.
  1. Generating contract reports: Quickly generate and download contract reports in Excel format for streamlined review, analysis, and informed decision-making.
  1. Tasks & Reminders: Easily manage tasks and set reminders with the built-in task management system for timely actions and consolidated tracking.
  1. Smart data capture: Utilize Smart data capture powered by SpotDraft AI for quick extraction of key contract details in mere seconds.
  1. AI due diligence: Leverage AI due diligence with SpotDraft AI to analyze multiple contracts simultaneously, uncover hidden legal risks, and more.
  1. Adding related documents: Seamlessly link contract-related documents like signatures and letters directly from the repository.
  1. Add key pointers: Add or edit essential metadata, or key pointers to your contracts.
  1. Quick access: Access contract-related actions across your SpotDraft repository using the keyboard shortcut 'Command+K'.
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Last updated on November 27, 2023