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Getting Started with Workflow Manager

Step by step guide

What is a Workflow?

Generate new contracts with a new self-serve intuitive tool by SpotDraft — Workflow Manager. (Closed Beta Program)

Workflow Manager and Workflows on SpotDraft

Get started with Workflow Manager

Types of Workflows on SpotDraft

Learn all about the different workflows that you can build with SpotDraft’s Workflow Manager.

Creating a Template Workflow on SpotDraft

Step-by-step guide

Creating a SpotDraft Campaign

Step-by-Step Guide

Create a New Third-Party Paper Workflow on SpotDraft

Here’s how you can set up a Third-Party Paper Workflow with Workflow Manager on SpotDraft

Create a New Upload and Sign Workflow on SpotDraft

Here’s how you can set up an upload and sign workflow with Workflow Manager on SpotDraft

How to Migrate Your Existing Workflows to Workflow Manager

Here’s how you can migrate your existing workflows to Workflow Manager.

Setting Up an Intake Form

This guide assists users in setting up Intake Forms. These forms let users gather additional details about third-party or customer contracts during their setup phase. You can utilize this information for conditional approvals or highlighting them as Metadata Fields.

Fill In and Track Additional Values Using Intake Forms

Track Details as Contract Metadata Added in an Intake Form

The article encompasses how you can use intake forms

How to Manage Basic Info Questions

This guide explains how to manage standard questions asked as part of the contract template workflow in SpotDraft. These questions apply to both your company and the counterparty. Follow these steps to manage and configure the questions.

Workflow Descriptions for Your Template Workflow

Enhancing Template Workflows with Descriptive Context

Duplicating Workflows

Step-by-step guide

Creating a New Contract Type in Your Workflow

Step-by-step guide

Discard unpublished changes to a workflow

Step-by-step guide

Viewing a published version of a workflow

Step-by-Step Guide

Contract Review

Editor - Microsoft Word on SpotDraft

Microsoft Word on SpotDraft is the new editor by SpotDraft.

Metadata for Your Contracts

The Contract Metadata section lists all the essential metadata for a contract. These can be set up separately in the Contract Settings for each contract type.

Contract Status

This card tells you which stage a contract is in during its life on SpotDraft. In the first three stages, it also lists out your next tasks.

Activity Log

Activity log tracks all in-contract actions for any given contract.

Creating Ad-Hoc Approvals

Here's how you can create Ad-Hoc approvals for SpotDraft.

Creating Conditional Approvals

Here's how you can create Conditional approvals for SpotDraft.

Creating Sequential Approvals

Here's how you can create sequential approvals for SpotDraft.

How to Skip Approvals on SpotDraft

Here’s how you can skip approvals - Conditional Approvals, Ad-Hoc Approvals and Sequential Approvals

Related Documents

Here’s how you can add supporting documents along with your main contract.

Compare Contracts

Follow this guideline to compare contracts side-by-side

Where can Ad-Hoc Approvals be modified?

Here’s how to change approvals on SpotDraft

Setup Approval Actions for your Contracts on SpotDraft

Here’s how to modify approval actions and access on SpotDraft

What is the difference between Pre-Sign and Pre-Send Approvals?

How do pre-sign and pre-send approvals differ?

Can we add Approvals for a Specific Clause or Section in a Contract?

Here’s how to add approvals for specific clauses and sections.

Threaded Conversations in the Activity Log

Reply to specific comments in the activity log and start a new conversation thread.

Track Changes on the Contract Page

Track contract changes on SpotDraft’s Contract Summary Page

Improvements to your Contract-Saving Experience on SpotDraft (Closed Beta)

Experience new Save UX when you edit your contracts on Microsoft Word Editor on SpotDraft.

Editor 2.0: Refreshed Contract Editing on SpotDraft

Learn about the new updates to Microsoft Word Editor on SpotDraft and the new Document Saving UI improvements(Beta).

Incognito and Private Mode for the Editor

We advise our users not to use Incognito or private mode for editing their contracts on SpotDraft as it requires cookies to function properly.

Troubleshooting Document Upload Failures on SpotDraft

Learn how to resolve server related issues around downloading, uploading or executing contracts on SpotDraft

Contract Versions

Learn how to navigate and view your contract versions

Setting up the format of the contract to be used to send a contract to the counterparty

Streamline your contract process and manage how contracts are shared with counterparties by configuring email attachment formats for your workflows.

Contract Management

Introduction to the SpotDraft Repository

SpotDraft's repository is a centralized storage hub for contracts, enabling efficient organization, access, and collaboration.

Applying Filters in the Repository

Learn how to use filters on your SpotDraft repository to refine search items.

Search + Advanced Search

Discover effective methods for searching contract-related language within your repository using SpotDraft’s search bar.

Filter and Organize your Contracts with Custom Views

Filter, sort, and prioritize contracts based on your specific needs, gaining instant access to the information that matters most.

Manage Columns to Customize your Repository

Personalize your repository's columns with SpotDraft's custom dashboard. Choose which columns to show or hide for enhanced visibility and seamless user experience.

Managing Pending Contract Actions With a User

Learn how to efficiently manage pending contract actions in SpotDraft. This step-by-step guide will walk you through using the 'Assigned to' feature, allowing you to streamline your workflow and take prompt action on crucial tasks.

Adding Tags to Contracts for Easy Identification

Discover the convenience of SpotDraft's tags for categorizing contracts with easy labels for efficient grouping and quick identification.

Performing Bulk Actions on Contracts

Maximize efficiency with SpotDraft's bulk actions feature. Select multiple contracts and perform actions like relating contracts, assigning users, and more.

Generating a Report for Contracts

Create structured, one-time or recurring contract reports with SpotDraft. Review, analyze, and report on contract details easily.

Generating Reports from the Repository

Create structured, one-time or recurring contract reports with SpotDraft. Review, analyze, and report on contract details easily.

Task Center

Discover SpotDraft's Tasks & Reminders for contract organization. Easily create, assign, track, and manage tasks.

Smart Data Capture (SpotDraft AI)

Learn how Smart Data Capture utilizes AI to swiftly extract contract metadata fields and get concise summaries with justifications.

AI Due Diligence (SpotDraft AI)

Learn how SpotDraft’s AI Due Diligence utilizes AI to help you analyze bulk contracts to identify and mitigate hidden legal risks, and save time.

Adding Related Documents to Contracts

Learn how to attach associated documents directly to contracts within the SpotDraft platform.

Adding and Editing Metadata Fields to Contracts

Learn how to add and edit metadata fields manually to your contracts.

Using Quick Access - Your Shortcut Hub on SpotDraft

Use Quick Access (Cmd/Ctrl+K) keyboard shortcut to reach any action or contract instantly!

Archiving Counterparties in Your Workspace

This guide provides a walkthrough to manage counterparties by archiving and restoring them in the workspace to minimize duplication and enhance user experience.

Merging Multiple Contracts into one Consolidated Contract

This guide will walk you through the process of appending one or more contracts with a .docx extension sequentially to another contract template document and sending them as one single document to the counterparty for review or signature

Merging Counterparties and Moving Contracts

This guide assists users in merging one counterparty (referred to as the "Source Counterparty") into another (referred to as the "Destination Counterparty") and transitioning all relevant contracts to the Destination Counterparty.

Smart Data Capture in Bulk

This guide will show you how extract multiple contracts using Smart Data Capture in one go.

Contract Packets

Step-by-Step Guide


How to Sign a Contract Using SpotDraft Sign

Step-by-step process to sign contracts using SpotDraft's eSigning service, SpotDraft Sign

How do I upload and prepare a contract for signing using SpotDraft Sign?

Learn how to prepare and upload a contract for signatures on SpotDraft using SpotDraft Sign

How to prepare a contract for signing using Aadhaar eSign

Learn how to prepare your document for signing with Aadhaar eSign services.

How to sign contracts using SpotDraft’s Aadhaar eSigning

Learn how to sign contracts using Aadhaar eSign services

How to assign signature fields in SpotDraft Sig

Learn how to assign fields in your contracts using SpotDraft Sign


This article provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) that cover everything you need to know about SpotDraft's eSigning services.

How to set a contract signing order on a contract type level

Learn how to set signing order at the contract-type level.

How to Set Signing Order in a Contract

Learn how to set a contract signing order in a contract

How to  Add Approvers, Signatories, and Receivers to Your Signing Workflow

Learn how to add Approvers, Signatories, and Receivers to your signing workflow

How to void a contract on SpotDraft

Learn how to block all actions of a contract and cancel all outstanding activities.

Signing Contracts on Your Mobile with SpotDraft eSigning

Learn how to sign contracts on your phone with SpotDraft Sign.

How to Add a Checkbox as a Signing Field While Signing a Contract?

Learn how to add a checkbox as a signing field in SpotDraft Sign.

Signing contracts on your mobile using Aadhaar eSigning

Learn how you can sign a contract with Aadhaar eSign using your mobile device.

Expiring Counterparty Contract Links

Learn how to add expiration duration to your counterparty contract links

How to add recipients from the Contract Summary page

Learn how to add recipients to your contract from the Contract Summary page

SpotDraft E-Signature Compliance

This article discusses the acceptance of Electronic Signatures worldwide. It emphasizes how SpotDraft Native E-Sign aligns with International standards, adhering to the norms established in various countries.


How to create a clickthrough

In this guide, we will see how you can create and access the embed code for Clickthrough on SpotDraft.

How to Access Audit Trails in a Clickthrough Agreement

Learn how to access audits of your executed Clickthrough agreements

What is a Clickthrough packet, and how to set it up?

Learn how to create a Clickthrough packet on SpotDraft

How to access the embed code for a Clickthrough packet

Learn how to access embed code for your Clickthrough packets

How to Customize a Clickthrough on SpotDraft Clickthrough

Learn how to customize your Clickthrough by adding multiple checkboxes and determining the text for your Clickthrough.

How to add multiple checkboxes to your Clickthrough in SpotDraft clickthrough? 

Learn how to optimize SpotDraft Clickthroughs by adding multiple checkboxes

How to add metadata fields to your Clickthrough agreements

Learn how to add metadata fields to your Clickthrough agreements

Learn how to implement Clickthrough in your application/website

Step-by-step guide to implement SpotDraft Clickthrough in your website/application

What information is included in the certificate of completion and which sections can you personalize?

Explore the comprehensive guide on Certificate of Completion customization. Discover the key details included in the certificate and learn how to personalize specific sections for a tailored touch

Managing executed Clickthrough agreements in the repository

Learn how to seamlessly view and manage executed Clickthrough agreements on the repository

Setting up a custom domain for Clickthrough agreements

Retaining multi-list numbering from your Word or Google Docs document in the Clickthrough Editor

Learn how to retain single-level and multi-level lists in the Clickthrough Editor when you copy an agreement from your Word editor or Google Docs.

Managing Access for Clickthrough

Learn how to manage access for Clickthrough Manager and Clickthrough Repository.